The Drive: April 15th, 5:45pm – The best pitched game we’ve ever been alive for?

  • There is actually a metric that measures that exact thing
  • Baseball Reference has a thing called GameScore

The Drive: April 15th, 5:25pm – Nebraska Volleyball

  • The Huskers sweep Texas State in the Second Round of the NCAA Tournament
  • The records of both teams were VASTLY different
  • Can this team win the whole thing?

The Drive: April 15th, 5pm – NIL Blitz

  • I have a little problem
  • I think it’s just weird that you’re touting how many social media followers you have

The Drive: April 15th, 4:45pm – Drunk Segment

  • A-Rod and J-Lo have broken up and A-Rod was VERY sad in Instagram

The Drive: April 15th, 4:25pm – Thirsty Thursday with Kevin Meier from Meier’s Cork and Bottle

  • Beer: Traverse City Red Cherry Unfiltered Cider – Saro Craft Cider
  • Wine: Gewuestraminer – Villa Wolf

The Drive: April 15th, 4pm – TEXT BAG

  • Answering the weirdos on the text line

The Drive: April 15th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Rico, what you got?

The Drive: April 15th, 3:25pm – Fred Hoiberg presser

  • Hoiberg gives an update on his squad

The Drive: April 15th, 3pm – BASEBALL

  • Carlos Rodon is awesome
  • MLB TV is awesome

The Drive: April 14th, 5:45pm – Ending the show

  • Erik Chinander loves his guys
  • This sound bite is AMAZING

The Drive: April 14th, 5:25pm – Brad Davison is coming back

  • Great. Wisconsin and Big Ten refs can watch 1 million charges taken next season
  • The coaches are talking and are excited but can we get excited or should we wait?

The Drive: April 14th, 5pm – Quarterback play

  • Its so up and down
  • Can we feel any better about this position and Adrian Martinez?