Super Bowl Squares!! Giveaway for Sunday’s big game

-Callers and texters….can you get Jake’s trivia question(s) right?

Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Any drama today for Nebraska with Avante Dickerson and anyone else?

-Do you think Nebraska sought out any transfer QBs or are they set for the year ahead?

-What would it mean for Ndamukong Suh and Lavonte David’s careers to finally get a Super Bowl ring?

Fred Hoiberg says Nebrasketball will play 14-15 games in a 32 game span to make up for their long span of no games because of COVID…can a team survive that kind of stretch?

-It’s not like Nebraska is going up the conference standings anytime soon. But, they are still in it to win the game, and they’ll have a gameplan for that every night

-This is essentially a game every other night for a full month. “Tired legs” will be a phrase we hear a lot, and it’s going to be very true and not an excuse in any way. What a month this could be ahead.

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Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-Are you expecting any drama for Nebraska today on National Signing Day 2.0? Avante Dickerson?

-Matt Lubick is staying after overtures for the Montana State job…if he had left, what do you think they would have done in filling the final spot on the coaching staff?

-What’s the latest news on the schedule for next year and specifically, the Ireland trip?

Welcome to National Signing Day 2.0…any big news to come today?

-Do you long for the days when this was the main day and there was no Early Signing Period in December? Or is it overall better for the sport for it to happen and get newcomers on campus for spring ball?

-Today’s news will be seeing where Avante Dickerson ends up and also getting the official LOI from Wynden Ho’ohuli…any other drama of note? Not in on any of the big stars…

-Today is not as exciting as it used to be, but that’s OK. Things change in life.

Notre Dame gets made fun of a lot for their lack of success in big games, but wouldn’t Nebraska fans kill for what they have?

-ESPN Stats & Info put out a stat that Notre Dame is 0-7 since 1998 in BCS or New Year’s Six games, being outscored by 161 points and all 7 losses being by 14+ points

-That’s not a fun thing to deal with, but think about the 8 straight bowl losses Nebraska had at one time in its history and compare that to now…that doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

Happy New Year! Ohio State pummels Clemson and offers a refreshing championship game, and Jake couldn’t be happier….what about Sip, though?

-Although it feels like we see Clemson/Alabama every year, don’t forget it was LSU/Clemson last year, so it technically wouldn’t have been what feels like an 8th straight year of this matchup. But it didn’t end up that way, anyways

-How about the Buckeyes? 6 TD passes for Justin Fields, who was battling an injury for the whole 2nd half, and Ohio State blew the doors off of Trevor Lawrence and company. Does this make the championship that much more intriguing to you? And what a showing for the B1G this makes now!

-Also, some good news for Nebraska, with JoJo Domann returning and a commitment from Hawaii