P.J. Fleck signs a 7-year extension through 2026 with Minnesota…good timing or too early?

-The extension ($4.6mil/yr and $10mil buyout) is certainly a response to interest from Florida State for their head coach opening, as well as due to Minnesota’s current 10 game win streak and 8-0 start. There’s still a lot of people questioning just how good the Gophers are right now, though…and their November will be telling…

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In a year of strange things for Nebraska football…the bad starts to the second half might be the strangest thing of all

-We’ve hit on this before, but in a bye week, it seems like something appropriate to hit again. What is the excuse for this problem, on both offense and defense? Is it a lack of adjustments by the coaching staff, or a lack of execution by players? Many offensive drives to start the halves have been less than inspiring with playcalls, and defensive series have been less than stellar, too. Why?

-Isn’t this the most bizarre thing about the year so far? How can a team just not be enthused to either finish off a game in the second half, or fight back from a deficit?


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The never-ending story gets a new wrinkle: it appears as though we’ll see yet another new kicker for Nebraska this weekend

-Even though Lane McCallum made the game-winning kick against Northwestern, we’ve all seen the video of how close that short kick was to getting blocked; Frost mentioned on Thursday that it could be between Gabe Heins and walk-on Matt Waldoch for kicking services this week…any chance that one of those two can be reliable? What a treat that would be…


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The road losing streak ends at 8 games—Nebraska beats Illinois, 42-38, in another wild game

-It seems to never be easy for Nebraska—4 fumbles on their own side of the field, a 14-0 deficit early on, and more than 100 yards in penalties….but the better team did prevail eventually, with strong defense and an offense that put up a lot of yards and finally started to get more points on the board from it as the game went on

-Adrian Martinez was shaky in the first half, but was dialed in for the second half, as Nebraska ended up just shy of 700 (!!) yards of offense, and the defense held Illinois to less than 300 yards, even with a busted defensive play to start the game to give a long TD run to Reggie Corbin. The stats (outside of turnovers) indicate a Nebraska rout, yet the game was always in question, to the very end. The more things change, the more things stay the same…


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