So…..what the heck happened to Wisconsin on Saturday?

-An easy answer to explain the Badgers’ 24-23, last-second FG loss at Illinois, would be to say they were looking ahead to this weekend’s Ohio State game. Well, if that’s the case…that’s unfortunate for them. Because now if they somehow beat the Buckeyes, they might screw the conference over for the playoff..unless Penn State keeps rolling. But seriously…what happened to Wisconsin?


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6:00 – Wisconsin gets Alabama for another home-and-home in 2024 and 2025…are you pissed, jealous, or OK with staying away?

-Nebraska does have a big home-and-home coming up with Oklahoma, and that’s awesome for the sake of the old rivalry, but fans might want more than that. Alabama has been the team of the past 10+ years in college football. Why not take a stab at them? Think there was any discussion or not?

-What does those programs even look like in 2024/25? Is Wisconsin trending downward, or will they still be OK? Is Saban still coaching in 2024? Lots of questions…would be fun to try and get Clemson on the board for Nebraska or someone else elite, right? Or wait and see how Frost’s teams do before we start thinking big opponents (besides Oklahoma, of course)?

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