What If Wednesday: If you were able to trade Scott Frost for any coach in the Big Ten, who would you trade for and what else would you give in return?

-We welcome our producer, Alex Baker, back to the studio for our weekly segment of hypothetical questions.

-Scott Frost can’t be considered an elite coach in the conference yet because of the way his first 2 years have gone—even though he has had a coach of the year honor from his time at UCF. So who would you trade for? And what would have you have to add to make the value worthwhile for that coach and the program? Needs to be a fair acquisition both ways…James Franklin for Frost/Travis Fisher/player?

What If Wednesday: What if Scott Frost hadn’t chosen to come back to Nebraska in late 2017?

-Let’s welcome back our producer, Alex Baker, for this week’s installment of What If Wednesday. What if Frost, Nebraska’s prodigal son, didn’t take the job in December 2017 when Mike Riley was let go? What direction would they have had to go?

-Imagine if Frost turned down Nebraska to stay at UCF or went to one of the other jobs. A program that already was starting to lose its way may have lost total major fan belief if they couldn’t get him. Would Mike Norvell have moved the needle at all? Or Chip Kelly?

What If Wednesday: What if Nebrasketball had made the NCAA Tournament in the 2017-18 season?

-We welcome back our producer, Alex Baker, for this segment—and it’s an interesting question. Tim Miles was looking for a contract extension following a few rough seasons, and this team ended up finishing 4th in the B1G regular season, capped off with a big home win against Penn State to clinch a bye in the B1G Tournament. However, Michigan beat them in the B1G Tournament, and the rest was history

-Nebraska somehow fell to a 5-seed in the NIT and lost to Mississippi State, and Miles only got one year added to his contract—a death wish. What would have changed if he had simply made the Dance in what was a very weak year in the B1G, hurting the Huskers from getting big conference wins?

What If Wednesday: What if Tom Osborne stuck around a while longer and didn’t retire after the 1997 National Championship?

-We welcome producer Alex Baker back for the question of the week, and it’s a doozy. Osborne retired at age 60 after Nebraska won the 1997 National Championship, passing the team off to Frank Solich. It had been 3 titles in 4 years when Osborne retired. Now, we see older coaches sticking around for a while. Solich is in his 70s at Ohio….Bill Snyder coached into his upper 70s at Kansas State

-What would be different? Imagine if T.O. coached until he was 75….he’d still be coaching through 2012. How about that for a mindbender…