The Spillover with Connor Happer and Mike Schaefer

-Is Urban Meyer coaching in the NFL in 2022 or in college football?

-Washington Football Team vs. NY Giants tonight…who you got?

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Mike Schaefer: Part 2 / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Any update on the recruiting trail for Nebraska football? What would a win on Saturday do for them?

-Do you believe we get good Adrian Martinez on Saturday or bad Adrian?

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Mike Schaefer: Part 1

-Can this Nebraska football staff outcoach a good staff or not?

-Do you feel better, worse, or the same about Nebraska’s chances against Oklahoma than you did before the season?

-Who is your favorite idea for a coach for the USC job?

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Rick Hamann’s (of Sartor Hamann Jewelers) Song of the Day

-It’s time for Rick’s No. 1 album of all-time! Will Sip get trivia question right?

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Who’s the right guy at USC? Any chance Urban Meyer heads back to college?

-Meyer said to Jaguars media yesterday that there’s no chance he goes to USC, but we’ll see about that. James Franklin was the rumor yesterday from Dan Patrick and his sources…and that’s a name that most think makes sense out there

-We always talk about Matt Campbell and where he needs to go…is this a job he leaps to?

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Nebraska will probably need to outcoach Oklahoma to win the game…do you believe this staff can outcoach a good staff?

-They got outcoached against Illinois but played well against Fordham and Buffalo. Chris Kliemen and Matt Campbell found ways to take less talented teams to Oklahoma and beat them in past years

-And what if they do outcoach Oklahoma? How much does that narrative change? Could be an incredible flip in how Frost and this staff are perceived not just locally, but nationally

-Do we expect a bunch of trick plays? And won’t Oklahoma be expecting that?

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Happer & Schaefer: September 15th – Urban Meyer to USC isn’t dead

  • Meyer said no, but does he really mean it?
  • Franklin says he hates distractions
  • Credit to Frost when he was at UCf for managing the distractions and keeping his team undefeated

Happer & Schaefer: September 14th – USC? Urban?? PJ Fleck???

  • Clay Helton is out at USC
  • Who will they target?
  • Will Urban stay in Jacksonville through the season?
  • Is Fleck USC material?

Happer & Schaefer: September 13th – Rico is in a bot fantasy league

  • Also, why did we think this Jaguars experiment had a chance to work?

The Drive: February 15th, 5:25pm – So why did Urban Meyer think he could hire Chris doyle

  • I mean, call this cancel culture all you want – but Urban needs to know that his players would not be cool with this
  • I get why you would want to…

Will Urban Meyer be successful in the NFL or not?

-Meyer is the new head coach of the Jaguars, and will likely have Trevor Lawrence as his franchise QB after April’s draft

-Will Ryan Day monitor how successful Meyer is in the league to see what his future could look like if he jumped to the NFL?

DP & Stephens: Opening Segment

Wan’Dale Robinson commits to Kentucky, Urban Meyer to the Jags and the Rockets win their first game without Harden.