Early Break: Coaching search for Nebraska basketball

  • The guys continue their talk on the UNO basketball program.
  • Who is Bill Moos pursuing for the head coaching position, and how likely is it that he’s going to get a big name?
  • How weird is it for a coach to go to their press conference after being fired?

Early Break: Trev Alberts was once a very unpopular guy at UNO…did he do the right thing all along, though?

  • UNO had a very successful wrestling program in Division II, and a quality football program, but Alberts cut those programs to instead let the school’s hockey and baskeball programs compete in Division 1….
    • and the men’s basketball team has played in the Summit League finals in 2 of the past 3 years for a bid to the NCAA Tournament….isn’t it an obvious choice to be a small D1 school than be a good in D2
  • Song of the Day

The Drive: March 12th, 5pm

  • This college entrance exam scandal is WILD
  • UNO could seal their ticket to the dance tonight
  • Kansas football is still a dumpster fire
  • Nebraska Basketball in the Big Ten tournament
  • What We Missed/Wrap Things Up