Twitter giveth, and Twitter taketh away: Mike Leach is in hot water already at Mississippi State / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels and Joe)

-Leach is popular on Twitter because he’s unlike most coaches: he has a very unique personality, and that is present in his press conferences, and also in his tweets…mostly a bunch of funny memes

-However, last week he had a tweet that showed a wife knitting a ‘scarf’ for her husband—actually a noose—that was a joke in the COVID-19 pandemic about getting through it. A little dark, but funny to a lot of people. However, a player entered the transfer portal because of it, and now Mississippi State is ordering Leach to raise his “cultural awareness” of the state. Is it necessary or over the top?

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What Huskers of the past would you most like to see what their careers would have been if they stayed healthy?

-It was a big viral topic on Twitter yesterday, and many decided to ‘Huskerize’ it. Bobby Newcombe, Matt Herian, Jaivorio Burkes, Charles Jackson, and Sean Fisher come to mind…any other football players, and any other Huskers in other sports?