Early Break: Is a turnaround in the future for the Huskers basketball team

  • The NCAA Tournament is still within reach, which is hard to believe—but it’s a really, really weak field this year, and the Pac-12 is horrible, which leaves bids from that conference open for grabs.
  • Do you attribute the two straight wins to bad teams coming into Lincoln, or has there been a switch that has made this team become more defense-oriented? Can that get them 3 more wins the rest of way in conference play?

Early Break: The Nebraska sports scene needs something, anything, positive to happen soon

  • Jake and Sip talk about the many teams that are down at Nebraska
    • Volleyball is great, but many of the other programs have struggled to sustain success.
  • What are thoughts on how this program turns it around?
  • Every Nebraska team lost this weekend.