Dedrick Mills has a backup RB, but it’s not Rahmir Johnson—it’s Ronald Thompkins, per Ryan Held

-WHOA! We had heard that Thompkins was having a good camp, but many still believed the No.2 RB job was still Rahmir Johnson’s to lose. That was obviously not true, as Ryan Held said yesterday that Thompkins will get the first carries that Dedrick Mills doesn’t get at RB

-Held said that Johnson has been getting work as a kick returner, though, as well as a variety of other players. He says the backfield depth is the best he’s had since he’s been here…coach speak or true?

-More from yesterday’s post-practice Zoom session…

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Tua Tagovailoa elects to enter the 2020 NFL draft… will he be worth the injury risk?

-Jake is a diehard Dolphins fan, and the news that Tua is entering the draft was celebratory for the Miami media and fanbase, although he’s not sure if Tua is a guy that can be depended on, or is it worth the risk with a high draft pick?

-What does Sip think?


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Tua Tagovailoa fractures hip and is out for the season….a huge hit for Alabama, and a huge question mark for the NFL Draft

-Tua was hurt at the end of the first half against Ole Miss, with Alabama leading 35-7 (Nick Saban said he was running a 2-minute drill before he would be taken out for the rest of the game), but he landed awkwardly on his hip, and learned that it was broken, and he’ll miss the rest of the year. Is Alabama now doomed in the CFP, and how much does this affect ‘Tank for Tua’ in the NFL Draft?

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