Will Urban Meyer be successful in the NFL or not?

-Meyer is the new head coach of the Jaguars, and will likely have Trevor Lawrence as his franchise QB after April’s draft

-Will Ryan Day monitor how successful Meyer is in the league to see what his future could look like if he jumped to the NFL?

Sam Darnold said Monday but he “wants to be a jet for life”… Who on God’s green Earth would want that?

-Darnold is obviously pushing to keep his job, despite being very much so a reason for the Jets 0-13 start to the season. Everyone and their dog knows that Trevor Lawrence is going number one to the Jets in the draft.

-Is there anyone out there who would really want to spend their whole life with the New York Jets?

It was a battle of the Tigers last night between LSU/Clemson for the National Championship…did the game live up to its billing?

-Trevor Lawrence vs. Joe Burrow looks fantastic on paper…who got the upper-hand? Which QB will be better in the pros, if you had to choose?

-There’s no doubt that Clemson will be back in this picture again next year with Lawrence back for another year…can LSU get back without Burrow and other weapons?

-More thoughts on the game…

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