The Spillover with Connor Happer and Mike Schaefer

-What crazy story happens today with Nebraska to embarrass us?

-Didn’t yesterday confirm why we need an 8-11am local show?

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Did Matt Lubick make a hint yesterday that Sevion Morrison could be the guy at RB? / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Lubick said that they have their guy at No. 1 RB but haven’t announced it yet, despite saying that Morrison is ‘really jumping out,’ and saying that Gabe Ervin is getting ‘better every day’ and that Markese Stepp is ‘doing some good things.’ Hmmmm….

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What type of distraction will this NCAA investigation cause the Husker football team as we sit 9 days away from the Illinois game?

-Frost said yesterday that the investigation won’t affect the team, but who knows for sure how that will go, especially if there is some sort of suspension potentially involved

-This isn’t what a team needed right before a season. Will they lock in and get pissed and get ultra-focused, or will they lose their composure and let it break them?

-Was the team informed ahead of time that this news might break and to not let it distract them?

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Rick Hamann’s (of Sartor Hamann Jewelers) Song of the Day

-What’s next on Rick’s personal favorite albums list, No. 4 on the countdown?

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Why is there a need to revisit who wanted to reschedule/cancel the Oklahoma game?

-As pat of McMurphy’s report, he brought back up that Frost was the one who wanted to move the game, not Bill Moos—who took the fall for it—and Frost denied that yesterday

-Also, Garth Brooks cancels rest of tour due to COVID numbers spiking nationwide…Nebraska got the last show

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Nebraska football remains it’s own worst enemy—Scott Frost and the program is under investigation

-Stadium’s Brett McMurphy announced yesterday morning that Scott Frost and the Nebraska football program are under NCAA investigation for improper use of analysts and consultants during practices and games, as well as practice violations

-Trev Alberts talked mentioned it briefly yesterday, as did Frost; it seems like a fairly ‘slap on the wrist’ type of violation, but apparently could result in a possible suspension for Frost of some sort

-Who is the freaking rat? Why does this place like to tear itself down all the time?

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Tom & Bock: August 18th, 1:45pm – The Leftovers

-Nebraska OL Jimmy Fritzche enters the transfer portal.

-Nebraska CB Braxton Clarke says that Special Teams Coordinator Mike Dawson has made special teams fun!

Tom & Bock: August 18th, 1:25pm – Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star)

-What is more important? The Oklahoma news or the investigation?

Tom & Bock: August 18th, 1pm – Big Ten Blitz

-What’s happening around the Big Ten this week?

Tom & Bock: August 18th, 12:45pm – Wing Man

-Can callers identify this famous song played solely on kazoo?

Tom & Bock: August 18th, 12:25pm – Dirk Chatelain (Omaha World-Herald)

-How big are the allegations/investigations against the Husker football program?

Tom & Bock: August 18th, 12pm – Bill Moos legacy at Nebraska

-With the news of the investigation at Nebraska, does this further stain Bill Moos’ legacy at Nebraska?

-How much credit does Moos get for the hires of Frost, Hoiberg and Bolt?