Tom & Bock: September 16th – The Leftovers

  • Talking about all the things that were not mentioned during the show

Tom & Bock: September 16th – Mitch Sherman (The Athletic)

  • His story on the 50th Anniversary of the Game of the Century
  • Which way would you lean, get the big win or just get to 6-wins this season
  • Big Ten team outside of Ohio State that could get to the CFP

Tom & Bock: September 16th – How would you react if Nebraska won this game

  • It would shock the world
  • After a win like that the schedule looks pretty good
  • “If I didn’t know football here what I would think these coaches did for a living”
  • NFL talk

Tom & Bock: September 16th – Wing Man

  • Throwback Trivia Thursday

Tom & Bock: September 16th – What would pass for success against Oklahoma

  • A win?
  • Keeping it close?
  • Just looking good?

Tom & Bock: September 16th – Bocks Tops

  • Tom thinks he can give a pretty solid Lyell Bremser impression
  • Bock and Rico try as well
  • Bocks Tops – Top 10 games of the weekend

Tom & Bock: September 16th – Blog Jog

  • Rico is in to give us some stories

Tom & Bock: September 16th – Robin Washut (HuskerOnline)

  • Barometer for Huskers Nations excitement for this game
  • Scoring with the Sooners
  • Oklahoma defense isn’t all that great
  • Basketball??

Tom & Bock: September 16th – Looking forward to the Oklahoma Game

  • Anniversary of the game of the century
  • Who will be watching?
  • Will you only watch if it’s close?
  • RIP Leta Powell Drake

Tom & Bock: September 9th – The Leftovers

  • Getting to the things that were not mentioned during the show

Tom & Bock: September 9th – 9/11 Tribute

  • The Tunnel Walk and the time in sports after 9/11
  • What is the image that you remember after that dreadful day?

Tom & Bock: September 9th – What do you want to see on Saturday

  • What aspects of the game would you like to see from the Huskers in this game against Buffalo?
  • Sam McKewon’s take on the walk-ons