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  • Did you hear what Tom Osborne said about Adrian Martinez?
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Tom Osborne has some mighty big praise of Adrian Martinez, and it’s hard to think he’s wrong

Osborne said yesterday at the Big Red Luncheon in Omaha that Martinez may be the most skilled Husker QB he’s seen…pretty big statement…though if you look at the full package, that means passers, and Nebraska didn’t really have passing QBs in their era of dominance

-Is Martinez a generational QB, or is he a product of Frost/Verduzco? Can we expect similar play from McCaffrey/Logan Smothers/others down the line?

Frank Beamer and Steve Spurrier set to coach in next January’s Polynesian Bowl….would Tom Osborne ever get back on the sidelines for one last go?

-Before you laugh—in 2018, 81-year-old Dick Vermeil was one of the coaches for one of the teams, so don’t say Osborne is too old at 82…and we’ve seen Bill Snyder coach into his late 70s in actual college football…would Tom ever give it a go for something like this?

How great would it be to see the living legend one last time with the headset on? In the same era that Scott Frost is Nebraska’s head coach?! What a visual that would be.

The Drive: June 14th, 5pm

  • Will Bolt is the new Nebraska baseball coach
  • Time to take a look into the future (Michael Snow annoyed noise)
  • Brenden Stai REPLAY – From the Recruiting Hour
  • Wrap things up

The Recruiting Hour: June 14th

  • Brenden Stai – Former Husker/NFL OL
  • Opening Splash
  • Texts and Calls

CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd views Scott Frost as ‘untouchable’ in his 2018 Hot Seat rankings…what are Husker fans’ long-term view of what Frost can do here?

  • Frost was one of 11 coaches in the nation who are viewed as ‘untouchable’ this year by Dodd, and that makes lots of sense. But, let’s take a long-term view at this. Are fans believing that Scott Frost can or will deliver a National Championship in his tenure here?
  • Can you envision a time where Nebraska is winning the B1G consistently but not making the National Championship—it’s not totally impossible–would that be enough? Or would the belief be back enough again that there would be disappointment from not getting back to the pinnacle of success?

Tom Osborne (3-time Husker National Champion head coach) / Shut Up Sipple

  • Why is Osborne opposed to sports gambling and the idea of making it legal in Nebraska?
  • How was he able to keep such strong staff continuity back in the glory days when the team was winning at such a high level?