The Drive: February 13th, 4pm

  • Yesterday movie
  • The Denver Broncos traded for older Case Keenum
  • Check out this dumb ESPN article
  • Michael Bruntz (247 Sports)
  • Theres this thing called the “48 Hour challenge”, is it dumber than eating Tide Pods?

The Drive: February 13th, 3pm

  • Sam McKewon (Omaha World Herald)
  • I’m pretty excited to see what Scott Frost does with this DL coach hire
  • Bill Moos on the radio last night
  • Whats Poppin (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Drive: February 13th, 2pm

  • Somebody needs to stop me, I think they win tonight
  • Do you still want them to win?
  • There is no “Scott Frost” for the basketball team

The Drive: February 12th, 5pm

  • Teenagers are dumb
  • Nebraska Basketball Tomorrow: Have we stopped caring about this season?
  • Parker replay
  • Wrap it up

The Drive: February 12th, 4pm

  • Kyler Murray makes the right decision…and it pissed a lot of people off
  • What do we think of the AAF?
  • AAF rules that might interest the NFL

The Drive: February 12th, 3pm

  • Nebrasketball’s fate is sealed…now what?
  • Parker Gabriel: Lincoln Journal Star
  • What’s Poppin’

The Drive: February 12th, 2pm

  • I went to New York in February…there is no way I missed any big news, right?
  • Chris Basnett: Lincoln Journal Star
  • Rico’s Reviews

The Drive: February 11th, 5pm

  • Rico interviewed a polar bear…
  • Cary Cochran says Nebraska Basketball isn’t a Top 50 job, is he right?
  • We made Nebraska basketball court designs, Facebook isn’t to keen.
  • GBR from all over the world!
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: February 8th, 5pm

  • What is the biggest reason for optimism for Nebraska football this year?
  • Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star)
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: February 8th, 4pm

  • Can Scott Frost elevate Nebraska’s recruiting ceiling?
  • What is your interest level for Nebraska Basketball the rest of the way?
  • Steve Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)
  • Hottest Takes of the Week

The Drive: February 8th, 3pm

  • Should we have seen this coming with Nebraska Basketball?
  • Justin Fields is eligible this year for Ohio State
  • Nebraska football, roster trimmings
  • Whats Poppin (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Drive: February 8th, 2pm

  • There seems to be a good vibe around the football program right now, how much have things changed in a year?
  • You know what was cool about this recruiting class?
  • Stanley Morgan is the only Husker to be invited to the combine, is that surprising?
  • Giannis has jokes