DP & Stephens: PGA

DP and Tom talk golf and make their PGA picks.

CBS replayed last year’s Masters yesterday with live commentary from Tiger Woods and Jim Nantz…should Nebraska do something similar for its championships?

-With no actual Masters because of COVID-19, CBS knew that people would still tune in for last year’s memorable tournament with Tiger Woods winning his first major in 11 years…and Tiger came on at times with Jim Nantz to give some insight on what was going on in his mind during it

-Would there be any way that would be possible for NET or someone to re-air Husker broadcasts of the past with live commentary during it to catch people up on what it was like during the moment?

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Phil Mickelson hinted that he and Tiger Woods might be setting up a match to be played soon…would Sip tune in for that in these sports-starved times?

-Mickelson hinted at the possibility in a Twitter exchange on Sunday, and said there would be more details soon. The Masters has already been postponed, as well as the U.S. Open, and all sorts of other sporting events…wouldn’t it just make perfect sense for this match to happen to save sports fans?

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March 19th: Tiger Woods is not fully back, but he’s damn near there

  • Tiger finished 2nd last week in the Valspar Classic, and finished 5th this week in the Arnold Palmer Invitational, but had a critical mistake on the easiest hole on the golf course (16) when in contention and drove it out of bounds
  • It didn’t matter because Rory McIlroy went well beyond what Woods could have shot, but it shows that Woods is probably about 97% back with 3% reason for concern. Great for golf, regardless!