The Drive: June 18th, 5:45pm – Wrapping up the week

  • The Mercado was a blast, go buy some meat!!!
  • Talent evaluation a problem with Nebraska?

The Drive: June 18th, 5:25pm – Steven M. Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Frost realizes it’s time to start winning
  • Luke McCaffrey drama with the Huskers

The Drive: June 18th, 5pm – Frost with a funny and sad quote from Big Red Blitz

  • Referencing smaller crowds this year, “It tells me I better start winning”
  • NIL going live on July 1st, lets go!!

The Drive: June 18th, 4:45pm – NBA Playoffs Corner

  • Gus Bus was in Papillion for a basketball camp and played for Kearney High
  • Giannis needs to figure out the whole free throw thing

The Drive: June 18th, 4:25pm – Ohtani joins the party

  • Shohei Ohtani announces his intentions to be a part of the MLB Homerun Derby
  • Who should join him?

The Drive: June 18th, 4pm – Happer wants to find an NFL team

  • Connor and Ravi get steak and burgers, so let’s listen to Rico stall so they can enjoy them
  • The Bears seem like the team Happer will gravitate to but let’s go through the league

The Drive: June 18th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Hello Rico, how is the empty studio treating you?

The Drive: June 18th, 3:25pm – Mythbusters: NIL edition

  • Content Creation is an actual job
  • Old man takes abound from the text line

The Drive: June 18th, 3pm – Some Nebraska players signal that they are OPEN FOR BUSINESS

  • Streaming from The Mercado
  • Suns in 4 guy
  • NIL is active and Nebraska players are looking to cash in!

The Drive: June 17th, 5:45pm – LOL Sixers

  • Keeping practices secret, why?
  • NBA Corner

The Drive: June 17th, 5:25pm – Hitting on a lot of things

  • New RB commit
  • Bryce and his social media
  • NBA Talk
  • Private practices?

The Drive: June 17th, 5pm – Chicagos mayor pulls no punches when talking about the Bears

  • Leaving the cameras on during a commercial break?
  • The Bears might get a new stadium?
  • Their lease with Soldier Field goes for AWHILE longer