DP & Stephens: Huskers’ Press Conference

DP and Tom react to the Huskers’ press conference following the Big 10’s announcement that fall football will return.

The Drive: September 15th, 5:45pm – Wrap things up

  • USC football players have sent a letter to California’s governor asking him to work with them and let them play
  • MLB playoff plan
  • Ending the show

The Drive: September 15th, 5:25pm – WHY ISNT THE BIG TEN ANNOUNCING ANYTHING

  • Is it just to spite Ted Carter and Nebraska?
  • Because Carter has had some really great moments during this whole shut down
  • Game 7 breakdown for Nuggets-Clippers

The Drive: September 15th, 5pm – Ted Carter potential leak and some texts

  • Ted Carter said the Big Ten was going to announce it was coming back today, but we still have received no info
  • Ready texts and hyping up the conspiracy theories

The Drive: September 15th, 4:45pm – The Big Ten teams are emoji crazy on Twitter

  • Ohio State started it, Nebraska joined and now the other B1G twitter accounts have joined

The Drive: September 15th, 4:25pm – NFL Reaction/Overreaction

  • Tompa Bay wont work
  • The Patriots will STILL win the AFC East, with Cam at QB
  • Baker Mayfield is a hopeless cause
  • Adam Gase will be the first coach fired
  • Lamar Jackson is EVEN BETTER this go around
  • Mike McCarthy is just as bad as Jason Garrett
  • Aaron Rodgers is BACK
  • Kyler Murray and the Cardinals are a playoff team

The Drive: September 15th, 4pm – The Big Ten wants to play, did Ted Carter plan to say what he said

  • Ted Carter may have leaked the B1G plan to reintroduce the fall season today
  • The Big Ten wants to play though so its not really that big of a deal
  • Was it accidental or not?

The Drive: September 15th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

  • Rico is here and we will not talk bad about Jokic!

The Drive: September 15th, 3:25pm – Ted Carter caught on a Hot Mic

  • Announcement from the Big Ten coming soon?
  • Ted said they were getting ready to announce it today!

The Drive: September 15th, 3pm – The Opening Drive

  • Schaefer is still here and we find out that Happer hates people saying sorry

DP & Stephens: Huskers, Big 10

DP and Tom react to the leaked news that Nebraska and the Big 10 may announce a return to play as soon as tonight.

Nebraska announced on Friday that they are planning on having in-person classes on campus in the Fall…is there any reason for sports to not happen then?

-NU President Ted Carter said Friday that all University of Nebraska campuses are planning on being open as usual in the Fall, with possibly some modifications for COVID-19, but still with general things intending to be the same

-If students are indeed back on campus as usual, would there be any good reason for there not to be some version of the sports season, even if that’s with no fans or limited fans in attendance?

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