The Drive: July 20th, 4pm – Iowa is at it again

  • This rivalry is becoming a rivalry
  • Iowas social media is getting BOLD

The Drive: April 21st, 3pm – I’m not social media expert, but yesterday was probably a pretty good lesson for everyone

  • It’s not just what you should say and shouldn’t say. Most of it is timing. Know when it’s time to make a joke, know when its time to speak up
  • What is a bad day of practice?

DP & Stephens: Nick and Rico

Rico and Nick hop on the show to discuss High School Sports.

Nick can’t plug in the headphones.

Opendorse helped Husker social media gain a ton of followers!

The Drive: July 22nd, 5:25pm – Chuba Hubbard leaving twitter/social media. Should more athletes follow?

  • After the OK. State stuff, it got bad and negative so he has decided to leave it all
  • Social media is annoying

The Drive: May 19th, 4pm

  • Big Ten coaches ranked by what they’ve actually done
  • Tabb has a problem with ESPN’s FPI
  • Nebraska Football 2020 social media roster