The Drive: July 12th, 4pm – Why do Americans not like soccer according to a caller

  • He gives us five reasons
  • Not all in agreeance
  • Nebraska needs something cool at football games, lets brainstorm some songs to play

The Drive: July 12th, 2:45pm – Some things and some more things

  • Huskers and the MLB Draft
  • Why do people like England soccer?
  • Reading some texts

The Drive: April 20th, 4pm – The Super League has died

  • Teams decided to not participate following UEFA and FIFA banning teams and players from participating in other activities
  • Fan outrage that has changed the outcome of something….lets look back

The Drive: March 30th, 4pm – Frost Audio

  • Special teams coach?
  • 1A level??
  • Twitch streams should break more news
  • Jordan Bohannon staying for his 25th year at Iowa?
  • US Mens Soccer team is BAD