The Drive: July 27th, 4:30pm – Wait, would Ohio State actually leave the Big Ten?!

  • Conference realignment might not be done
  • The SEC looking to poach from the Big Ten??
  • What should the ACC and Pac-12 do?

The Drive: September 8th, 5:30pm – Wan’Dale song

  • Just a beat and some highlights
  • Sir Yacht tweets

The Drive: September 3rd, 5pm – Is the Big Ten beginning to go down a path to admit it was wrong?

  • Not wrong to make the decision, but wrong to decide when they did
  • They came clean on the vote
  • Penn State doctor was wrong?!!?
  • Sir Yacht had another tweet…

The Drive: September 3rd, 5:25pm – Kevin Warren is NOT GETTING FIRED

  • No matter the outcome of the supposed vote, Warren will not be fired for doing exactly what the people who hired him wanted him to do
  • Tabb doesn’t like sir Yacht pretending to be a reporter

The Drive: August 26th, 4:25pm – EMAILS

  • An email leaked showing that Nebraska really wanted to play football this fall…surprise
  • Sir Yacht was WRONG!!!
  • Lets break some news sometime before this date next year!

The Drive: August 18th, 4:45pm – Reaction to Sir Yacht interview

  • So what do we think about that?
  • How does he have the info and nobody else does?

The Drive: August 18th, 4:25pm – Sir Yacht (Twitter Personality)

  • Who are you?
  • Do you understand why people don’t trust you?
  • Whats the plan if you are right? and if you are wrong?
  • Where did the name come from?