College World Series starts tomorrow….will you go/watch at all?

-Jake and Parker both agree that it’s a great place to go and drink at—with both having some experience with that. But Jake has been to some games and thinks they drag on a bit. What’s the general consensus?

-Update on U.S. Open….

Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple

-Sounds like Rob Childress is out of the running for Nebraska’s next baseball coach…do you believe he was the top candidate? Where does this go from here?

-Nebrasketball’s marquee non-conference home game is….South Dakota State. OK with the schedule or do season ticket holders have the right to grumble with a price increase and lesser schedule than past years?

-How invested do you get in the CWS?

How soon could Scott Frost be considered a Top 10 coach in the nation?

-We spoke with the Sporting News’ Bill Bender earlier today and he ranked all 130 coaches in the nation and had Scott Frost as the 28th best coach, the same as he was last year

-Ohio State’s Ryan Day is already listed as a Top 25 coach with only an interim sample to go off of from last year, as he comes in at 22nd. Which coach would you choose right now between Frost and Day if you had the choice? Also, Kirk Ferentz is at No. 25. Who would you take there, too?

-Jim Harbaugh is listed as the 10th best coach in the nation…can Frost get to that level in next few years?

Derek Bombeck (Lincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau)

-Cornhusker Classic Quarter Horse Show, Summer Roller Skating at Ice Box, Nebraska Folk & Roots Festival, and Final X event


Bill Bender (The Sporting News)

-Bill just went through and ranked the top college football coaches in the nation, and he has Scott Frost at 28th, as he did last year. How much of a leap is he expecting Frost to take this year? What’s his ceiling as a coach?

-Les Miles at 30th at Kansas…can he actually turn that place around or is it doomed?

-Nick Saban and Dabo Swinney are obviously No. 1 and 2, but is Jimbo Fisher the no doubt 3rd best coach?

MLB came to Omaha last night with Royals/Tigers…how was it received and will it come back?

-The two teams aren’t exactly stellar this year, with the Royals well below .500, and the Tigers not as far below but still not a very good team. It was a great crowd for the game…will this continue ahead of the College World Series going forward?

-It’s really unlikely it would ever happen, but does high attendance for many events in Nebraska ever give a professional league pause in maybe considering bringing a pro franchise to Omaha to support?

-Also, congrats to Raptors on NBA Championship…

Raptors/Warriors Game 6 tonight in Oakland….there’s no way Toronto wins a third game on the road to close the series out…right?

-There’s going to be a lot of nervous Raptors fans who know they let it get away from them with a late 6 point lead on Monday, letting the Warriors stay alive and live another day. Kevin Durant is officially out for the series and had surgery yesterday, so he won’t be an option for Golden State….does this get to Game 7 or does Kawhi Leonard and company get the job done again on the road?

2-minute drill: Oakland Raiders chosen for Hard Knocks…will you watch? AND….who is the U.S. Open pick for Parker and Jake?

Mike Schaefer (24/7 Sports/Huskers Illustrated)/Shut Up Sipple

-Nebraska misses out on Iowa Western CC d-lineman Perrion Winfrey, who chooses Oklahoma instead. Was Nebraska optimistic they were going to get him?

-How important are the upcoming Friday Night Lights camps in getting players to potentially commit to Nebraska?

-What do we know about new 2021 Nebraska offered QB Santino Marucci?

– Major League Baseball is coming to Nebraska for the first time ever tonight with Royals/Tigers in Omaha…will any other league of that type come to the state for a regular season game?

-We’ve seen both Lincoln and Omaha host preseason games for the NBA, and the Royals have been in Omaha before to play against the Storm Chasers in the preseason…but never for a regular season game

-It’s hard to expect a team to give up a home game to come play in Omaha, and why should you blame them for that? With that being said, is this a one-time thing or could this play into something down the road like this happening again in some sport? Which is the most likely? And are we treating this like the CWS where we don’t care in Lincoln because it’s not our city?

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Maurice Washington’s plea hearing gets pushed back to July 25…how much does this continuance affect Nebraska ahead of this season?

-Nebraska fans—and probably the coaches, too—want clarity on this matter. How much longer can the plea hearing go? And if there’s still not enough information by July 25th, what does Nebraska do? Does Maurice Washington still practice with the team until the next hearing, or is that too much of a distraction?

-Is continuance something that gives Washington a better chance of having minimal problems or a sign that this could get worse for him than expected?

Nebrasketball announces their non-conference schedule for 2019-20, and let’s just say it’s not quite as appealing as last season, Jake’s thoughts on Boston losing, and the Stanley Cup is the greatest trophy in sports.

Boston FINALLY loses a championship

-Nor should it be—Nebraska was a team last year that was ranked in the preseason rankings and was aiming for big goals in what would end up being Tim Miles’ last season—this season, however, is full of new everything; new coaching staff, tons of new players, new strategy. It’d be tough to really schedule anything great

-Many people are already talking about how the opponents have a low NET ranking, as in Nebraska should be hoping to make the NCAA Tournament or something. What should the expectation be in Year 1? Isn’t this the way they should craft the non-conference schedule, or should it have had more ‘oomph’?

-Also—quick reminder that Nebraska’s 2020 class is currently No. 9 in the nation…whoa