Scott Frost says Nebraska’s offense can play faster—-is it possible to be ‘too’ dependent on the big play?

– NFL talk

-The first question to Frost at yesterday’s press conference did not go over well with him, as he said that if we’re worried about big plays being a problem, then maybe we’re reading too much into things. Well said, coach.

-Frost also said the offense can go faster…don’t you believe that now, with seeing how they played on Saturday? Some will still say they need to see it against a B1G defense before they believe it, and that’s fine. But you’d have to think confidence is higher with getting more guys involved in the offense with receptions, and also big, fast, long plays by RBs, too

-More from Frost/players from Monday…


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Another strange game for Nebraska, but this one results in a comfortable win over Northern Illinois

-The game had strange scores throughout, including a 30-5 halftime score, thanks in part to a bizarre playcall that led to a safety by Nebraska, as well as tons of special teams blunders for both teams throughout the first half


-All in all, though, Nebraska wins 44-8, and it was a pretty stress-free second half for Scott Frost, players, and the fans, for the first time in ever. What’s the big takeaway? Injury concerns for Brendan Jaimes and Cam Taylor Britt…but we did see Kanawai Noa finally do something!


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