The Drive: April 5th, 3pm – Sautter Sits in to discuss some breaking news

  • Sam Darnold traded from the New York Jets to the Carolina Panthers
  • Tim Miles taking over the San Jose State job

Sam Darnold said Monday but he “wants to be a jet for life”… Who on God’s green Earth would want that?

-Darnold is obviously pushing to keep his job, despite being very much so a reason for the Jets 0-13 start to the season. Everyone and their dog knows that Trevor Lawrence is going number one to the Jets in the draft.

-Is there anyone out there who would really want to spend their whole life with the New York Jets?

The Drive: September 22nd, 4:45pm – Sam Darnold is a Cali softie

  • Caller into a NY show said that West coast people are soft and dont have a “fire in their bellys”