DP & Stephens: Sage Rosenfels

Former NFL Quarterback Sage Rosenfels joins us to discuss College Football and what makes a good culture.

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part3

-The Baseball Hall of Fame votes in ZERO new members for the 2021 class..why?

-Any encounters with trouble during the snowstorm?

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 2 / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Does Nebraska go for a transfer QB with no more McCaffrey or not? How much will Smothers fit into the race next year for the starting job?

-What are your thoughts on Nebraska retaining all 10 full-time position coaches?

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 1

-Luke McCaffrey is transferring from Nebraska…what’s your take on the aftermath it will result in?

-Do you think there is a culture problem at Nebraska as some outsiders believe or is that just word vomit?

-What’s the better job: Nebraska or Tennessee?

Rick Hamann’s (of Sartor Hamann Jewelers) Song of the Day

-What’s next on Rick’s personal favorite albums list? Can Sip get the trivia questions right?

Continued conversation on Pat Fitzgerald

-Jake and Sip can’t let the first segment go and continue to argue about fan reaction to what a Fitzgerald offense would look like at Nebraska

Pat Fitzgerald gets a 10-year extension at Northwestern…Jake and Sip discuss whether his results would be acceptable at Nebraska

-Jake and Sip get into heated discussion about whether people would accept Fitzgerald’s offense at Nebraska or if they would complain and run him out of town.

-Chris and John call in with their thoughts and plenty of texters chime in as well.