Travis Fisher and Ryan Held get pay vital is it to Nebraska to keep them here long-term?

-Apparently it’s somewhat important, as Fisher got a $125,000 raise, and Held got a $100,000 raise—both coaches had a very solid recruiting period and landed several players. How important is it to retain them for a long time?

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Nebraska isnt doing anything differently to prepare for cold weather… should they though?

-Troy Walters and Ryan Held both said on Wednesday that they aren’t doing anything different in practices to prepare for a potentially very cold game on Saturday; but P.J. Fleck says he has his guys putting his hands in freezing cold water and more to prepare for the weather

-Held mentioned that it’s been a rule going all the way back to the Solich days that RBs don’t wear sleeves no matter how cold the weather is (can’t feel the football properly that way)

-More audio from Wednesday..


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It is officially GAME WEEK (!!!)….and how about the news that Scott Frost broke on Friday regarding the starting center spot

-Welcome to game week, friends. We’ve finally made it. There will be an actual game that counts that is played this Saturday at Memorial Stadium. Deep breaths. We did it.

-Speaking of deep breaths, did anyone expect Scott Frost to announce Cam Jurgens as Nebraska’s starting center on Friday? Jake wasn’t prepared for that, but here we are. We know all about what Frost thinks of him, but his health has been in question, and Will Farniok has been getting the reps at 1st team most of camp. Will there be enough time for Jurgens at the 1 going forward to feel like it will be a smooth start to the season on the offensive line?

-Also, Nebraska gets another running back commit (Marvin Scott III)…Ryan Held is the MAN


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