The Drive: July 21st, 4:45pm – Paying Runningbacks

  • Ryan thinks runningbacks shouldn’t get BIG contracts because they break down so fast and aren’t very useful in today’s NFL
  • Sometimes the numbers a dumb and somebody fits so you want to keep them

DP & Stephens: July 15th, 1:25pm – Husker RB room

The room is deep now

The leader in the clubhouse is an actual leader

What can we expect?

247 Sports lists Wan’Dale Robinson as one of 5 freshmen nationally to watch this year…what will/should he accomplish this year?

-Is there a certain amount of catches he should expect to get? Will he get any rush attempts at all? A player in the punt/kick return game? How do you size up what he should do this year?

Early Break: Oklahoma gets a 5-star commit at RB in 2020 and is the leader for another…can Nebraska get anything like that?

  • Jase McClellan, the 4th ranked RB in the 2020 class and a 5-star player, is a commit for the Sooners, and Kendall Milton, the 2nd ranked RB in the 2020 class and also a 5-star, has Oklahoma has the leader for his services at the moment
  • Nebraska did have a time in the Pelini era where they had three 4-stars at RB (Rex Burkhead, Aaron Green, Braylon Heard), but only Burkhead stuck around his whole career….can Oklahoma-type recruiting be achieved here?