We talked about Nebraska needing to spread the ball out more, but is it time to give the ball MORE to Wan’Dale Robinson?

-Troy Walters mentioned on Wednesday that Wan’Dale is getting more carries as a running back in addition to wide receiver; Scott Frost also said on Thursday that they need to get him the ball more

-We’ve mentioned the need to get the ball to more WRs, as Spielman/Wan’Dale have all but one catch for WRs this season…but is it time to unleash Wan’Dale more and let him be special like Rondale Moore?


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Rondale Moore says Wan’Dale Robinson is a lot like him…and hear comes even more hype for him…

-Moore said at Big Ten Media Days that he and Wan’Dale are built the same and play a similar type of football….and don’t forget that Rondale had 113 catches last season….that seems like way too much to ask for here

-Is Adrian Martinez the only person on the roster that has a higher ceiling as a player than Wan’Dale? Or does Wan’Dale have even a higher ceiling than Adrian?

The Drive: July 22nd, 5pm

  • What percentage of Rondale Moore can/will Wan’Dale Robinson be in his freshman year?
  • Hey, Michael Snow, did you hear what Bruce Feldman said about Adrian Martinez?
  • Wrap things up