The Recruiting Hour: February 22nd – Closing Segment

  • Warren Academy is GREAT
  • Two big time players in the Omaha Metro don’t include Nebraska in their Top 5’s

The Recruiting Hour: February 22nd – Steve Warren (Warren Academy)

  • Steve Warren joins the show to talk about the players who have come through the Warren Academy

The Recruiting Hour: February 22nd – Opening Segment

  • New in-state recruit offered for class of 2023
  • Nebraska Basketball collapse

The Recruiting Hour: January 14th – Texts and Calls

  • Answering questions

The Recruiting Hour: January 14th – Mike Sautter (

  • Isaac Traudt, tons of interest in the GISH athlete
  • Best teams in Lincoln
  • Who would you take if you had a to win a game tomorrow, Sallis or Hepburn?

The Recruiting Hour: January 14th – Opening Segment

  • Will Honas returning
  • Jonathan Ruthledge (Special Teams analyst) leaving the team

The Recruiting Hour: January 3rd

  • Under Inspection
  • Chad Stadem – Head Coach Sioux Falls Washington HS (25:23)
  • Texts and Calls

How important is it, in all sports, to keep High School talent in the state?

-Jake/Sip discuss the importance of getting in-state basketball talent compared to football.


-Former Nebraska-Wesleyan coach Jerry Schmutte calls in with his thoughts.

Friday Night Lights and the Pipeline camp happened over the weekend…what were the biggest takeaways/impressions?

-Parker was in attendance for both; Jake was not at either. Looked like Blaise Gunnerson made a big impression on Friday, as did Teddy Prochazka on Saturday. And the Mad Hatter made an appearance, too!

-300 campers showed up to each camp, and that was particularly impressive for the Pipeline’s first ever camp….any potential commitments to follow soon or how productive do we view this camp to be?

Mike Schaefer (24/7 Sports/Huskers Illustrated)/Shut Up Sipple

-Nebraska misses out on Iowa Western CC d-lineman Perrion Winfrey, who chooses Oklahoma instead. Was Nebraska optimistic they were going to get him?

-How important are the upcoming Friday Night Lights camps in getting players to potentially commit to Nebraska?

-What do we know about new 2021 Nebraska offered QB Santino Marucci?