The Drive: July 28th, 5:45pm – Big 12 sends a cease and desist to ESPN

  • ESPN conspired with the AAC to take 3-5 Big 12 teams to the American Conference
  • WILD!!

The Drive: July 28th, 5:25pm – Stability Rankings

  • Bill Connelly ranked the College football teams in 2021 by Stability
  • Nebraska isn’t great in these…

The Drive: July 28th, 5pm – Exactly nobody has had substantial success in their new conference

  • Brett McMurphy had a tweet showing the records of all the teams that had changed conferences…they aren’t great
  • Is realignment bad for CFB?

The Drive: July 28th, 4:45pm – The Big 12 has written a cease and desist letter to ESPN

  • Stop talking to us!!
  • The Big 12 is pretty much accusing ESPN of nudging Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC

The Drive: July 28th, 4:25pm – We take a call on the ever changing landscape of College Football

  • Caller has a take on the landscape of college football
  • Limiting the number of scholarships even more?

The Drive: July 28th, 4pm – The number one recruit in the country is considering leaving before his senior year

  • The top high school QB, Quinn Ewers, might skip his senior year to move up to Columbus and start making NIL money
  • Oh goodness…is this gonna be a thing?

The Drive: July 28th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Well good day Rico, how art thou?

The Drive: July 28th, 3:25pm – Sam McKewon (Omaha world Herald)

  • Basketball!
  • Football!
  • Sports!

The Drive: July 28th, 3pm – Stop being so scared you little babies

  • Can’t we all get on board yet?
  • Be excited for your team’s dangit!!

The Drive: July 27th, 5:45pm – Closing it out

  • So many pieces…it’s a good problem to have
  • Happers Nebrasketball starting 5

The Drive: July 27th, 5:30pm – Nebrasketball audio

  • Eduardo Andre says eating is hard
  • This team is very interesting

The Drive: July 27th, 5:15pm – Does Bret Bielema bother you?

  • The last time he coached a B1G game…well we know about that
  • How much does Bielema’s coaching history and Illinois beating Nebraska last year concern you?