Back to the QB competition…does Mario Verduzco’s deflections on commenting on the race make you believe this is a game-week decision?

-Mario Verduzco wouldn’t directly answer questions on who is ahead in the QB race, although Scott Frost said on Wednesday night that Adrian has a little edge at the moment

-Martinez spoke to media, also, and said he welcomed the competition from McCaffrey and that it’s been good to see it…are we in for any sort of potential shock when Nebraska plays Ohio State?

Nebraska offensive assistants and players spoke after practice yesterday…what did we learn?

-Matt Lubick, Greg Austin, Adrian Martinez, and others spoke to media over Zoom, following the defense’s lead from Tuesday…what stood out in what they had to say?

-Is Lubick as high on Nebraska’s WRs as Travis Fisher was on Tuesday?

-Any sort of inkling on if there is a QB battle or not? And what about the status of the O-Line?

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