Nebrasketball’s game at Purdue was postponed…are fans still intrigued by the season or disinterested in it already?

-Fred Hoiberg’s squad is on a 21-game losing streak in conference play. They were blown out by Ohio State and played Michigan State close, but are 0-4 in B1G play on the season

-The entire conference is full of good teams, and they could have an incredibly large amount of teams that make the Dance this year. Knowing that and where Nebraska is at in the rebuild, are you still in or checked out for the season?

The 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament will be played entirely in Indiana!

-We knew of plans of the championship being in Indiana, but CBS Sports reported Monday that the venues holding games will be at the arenas of Butler, Indiana, IUPUI, Indiana State, Purdue, and possibly Ball State.

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Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-The nightmare is a reality with Ohio State having a third canceled game this Saturday…what will they do and also, the B1G?

-Adrian Martinez seems to have reclaimed the starting role for good at QB…what does Frost do now with McCaffrey?

-How many seniors for Nebraska do you think will return next year and which will leave?

Ohio State/Michigan is canceled, Purdue/Indiana appears to be on the same track, and the nightmare the B1G hoped to avoid is upon us

-Well—we can assume they tried to avoid it, but it’s sometimes hard to believe that for how the season was set up and the zero room for error that was allowed in the scheduling

-Things looked good for Ohio State/Michigan on Sunday and Monday, but the game was officially canceled on Tuesday. Where do the Buckeyes go from here? Is there any chance for a non-con game? Nebraska fans will smirk and roll their eyes if Ohio State is allowed to play a non-con game

-Will Nebraska be playing Minnesota or someone else this weekend to aid the conference?

Jake’s Week 13 NFL Winners and Losers

-Who stood out in a good way, and who disappointed?

-Also, there’s another game tonight! Cowboys/Ravens on TUESDAY Night Football!

Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-HUGE week for Nebrasketball with Georgia Tech tomorrow and Creighton on Friday..what are you expecting the team to look like against Power 5 teams?

-What is your biggest concern about Nebraska in conference play this year?

-Thor is off to a rough start this season so far…does he keep his starting spot or could he provide energy off the bench?

Can Adrian Martinez still earn back fans’ confidence to end the season that he still is the future here?

-Martinez has played very well since his benching and return to the starting QB position. But, there are some complications in the issue. Scott Frost said recently that Luke McCaffrey is ‘no doubt’ the future at Nebraska…

-If Adrian plays well against Minnesota and whatever games follow that, where does that put Nebraska going into 2021? Do you forgive Adrian’s first few games and believe he can get back to upper-echelon?

Rick Kaczenski (Former Nebraska/Iowa DL coach)

-What did you see against Purdue for Nebraska that indicated that this program could keep momentum going?

-Nebraska started 1-4 on the year…what if they beat Minnesota and the crossover match-up to get to 4-4? What real momentum does that provide for 2021?

-The defense held Purdue to minus-2 yards rushing, after allowing only 2.9 ypc to Iowa…is rush D fixed?

Is a bowl game still possible for Nebraska in 2020?

-Sip has done research on what games are possible for Nebraska…as some other bowl games are getting canceled, will Nebraska still have a chance at any bowl game? Could you finally admit to bowl momentum if you are opposed to that term if Nebraska ended the year with 4 straight wins?

-Also, good news for Ohio State and Nebraska: Michigan and Minnesota both, as of Monday, appear to be intent on playing this weekend. Carry on with your plans.

For those who thought Indiana would lay down to Wisconsin without Michael Penix, Jr…not so fast!

-The Hoosiers looked like they belonged on Saturday against the Badgers, and their defense continued to be strong…

-Is Indiana team that is going to last for awhile in the conference or is this just a 2-year run?

Dominic Raiola (Former Nebraska/NFL center) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-No bad snaps for Cam Jurgens against Purdue, and the offense looked decent with that being the case…reason to believe it can stay this way?

-There’s been rumors about McKenzie Milton possibly looking at Nebraska for a transfer…what would you say about that with Nebraska’s current QB play? Can he make the WRs look better?

-Do you believe Nebraska should win the rest of their games?

What if Nebraska gets this season back to .500? Is that getting too far ahead of ourselves?

-A win against Minnesota this weekend (assuming the game is played) and a win in the crossover game shouldn’t be too much to ask for…and what if they won those games and got to a bowl game and won that? 5-4? You could see momentum with that, especially with all the losses this year except for the Ohio State game being by one score

-Also, Purdue had minus-2 yards rushing against Nebraska, after Iowa had marginal success on the ground, too….can’t we see the rush defense as a reason for momentum? Let’s end this year strong and build momentum!!!