Early Break: Which Husker free agent has the best chance of making it in the NFL?

  • Devine Ozigbo goes to New Orleans, Stanley Morgan goes to Cincinnati, and Luke Gifford goes to Dallas, among the Huskers who went undrafted and were signed. Jake thinks Ozigbo has the best chance to succeed; look at the Saints’ history of developing undrafted RBs (Pierre Thomas, Khyri Robinson, Traveris Cadet, Chris Ivory). Even though they have Alvin Kamara…watch out for Ozigbo there

Early Break: Nebraska football free agent pick ups

  • Stanley Morgan Jr is headed to Cincinnati and Ozigbo to New Orleans
  • Several players sign deals but no players drafted
  • Who all is likely to make a roster?
  • Shut up Sipple

Early Break: Who has the more successful NFL career of this Husker draft class: Devine Ozigbo, Stanley Morgan…or someone else?

  • It’s important to remember that although getting drafted is very helpful in latching on with a team, it doesn’t mean you’ll stick around for a long time; some very successful players have been undrafted and have had long careers. So although Ozigbo and Morgan aren’t perceived as top-end elite players, everything can change once you just find a team
  • Ozigbo, Morgan, Luke Gifford, and Tanner Farmer are the main guys with chances to get drafted…which of those guys will have the most success? And to what degree?

Early Break: NFL Draft starts tonight…does your excitement for the draft grow or diminish as you get older?

  • When Jake was younger, he would buy EVERY draft magazine the moment they came out—in January or February. He’d be glued to it, and would know everything about every possible pick well before the draft
  • In the past few years, though, his interest in the Draft has dropped. He definitely cares about it and it’s important to teams, but there is nowhere near the level of excitement. Is that the same for most people? What about Sip? More interested or less interested as you get older? Listeners? For teams who have successful seasons and make the playoffs, it has to be kind of boring, too. You never get talked about with the ‘studs’ of the draft