The Drive: January 8th, 4pm – Big Ten Power Rankings with Tiers

  • This tier will never, ever change – Ohio State
  • Not that strong after all? – Iowa, Indiana, Northwestern
  • Cloudy with a chance of a weird season – Penn State, Wisconsin
  • The messy rest – Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Michigan, Michigan State, Rutgers, Illinois, Purdue

The Drive: December 11th, 4:25pm – Big Ten Power Rankings with Tiers

  • This tier will never, ever change – Ohio State
  • Will have a bowl game in warm weather on Jan 1 – Indiana, Iowa, Northwestern
  • ???? – Wisconsin, Maryland
  • :((((( – Michigan State, Penn State, Minnesota, Illinois, Nebraska, Rutgers, Michigan, Purdue

The Drive: December 4th, 4pm – Big Ten Power Rankings with TIERS

  • This tier will never, ever change – Ohio State
  • NY6 Bowl Hopefuls – Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Northwestern
  • There is probably no difference between any of these teams – Maryland, Michigan State, Minnesota, Michigan, Purdue
  • The Worst of a bad conference – Illinois, Rutgers, Nebraska, Penn State

The Drive: November 20th, 4pm – Big Ten Power Rankings with Tiers

  • This Tier will never, ever change – Ohio State
  • Playing for second – Wisconsin, Indiana, Northwestern
  • Aclop to prove – Iowa, Purdue, Maryland, Nebraska
  • So, so bad – Michigan State, Michigan, Penn State, Minnesota, Illinois, Rutgers

The Drive: November 13th, 4pm – Big Ten Power Rankings, WITH TIERS

  • This Tier will never, ever change – Ohio State
  • Division contenders, I guess – Indiana, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Purdue, Maryland
  • The Super Duper Tier of Mediocrity – Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Minnesota, Penn State
  • The Idiots – Rutgers, Illinois

The Drive: Big Ten Power Rankings With Tiers

Happer breaks out is Big Ten Power Rankings with Tiers in advance of this weekend’s slate of Big Ten games.

DP & Stephens: Big Ten Power Rankings

DP and Tom power rank all the football programs in the Big Ten.

The Drive: October 30th, 4pm – Week two Big Ten Power Rankings, WITH TIERS

  • This tier will never ever change – Ohio State
  • Actually good? – Michigan
  • This could be just about any order – Wisconsin, Indiana, Purdue, Northwestern, Penn State, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa
  • King of the Idiots – Rutgers
  • Idiots – Illinois, Michigan State, Maryland

The Drive: October 4th, 3pm

  • Let’s power rank the big Ten going into the weekend – with tiers!
  • Steve Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)
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Scott Frost says Nebraska practiced the best they have all week…will that be evident on the field when it matters most?

-BTN’s Dave Wannstedt mentioned the other day in his Big Ten Power Rankings that Nebraska seems a little fragile right now in their first 2 games; for the first time in Jake’s life, he actually agrees with him

-Frost said on Thursday that both sides of the ball practiced very well this week after a rough loss to Colorado…is that going to be evident on the field? Does that result in a comfortable win?

-More from Frost on Thursday…


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Cam Jurgens had major issues with high snaps on Saturday, and the offensive line was lackluster in general…will they figure it out or is that a concern now?

We heard from Frost, Martinez, Matt Farniok, and others about the offensive line performance, and the high snaps were certainly a point of emphasis. This offense goes so fast that timing is everything, and when the QB is concerned about a high snap, that affects both confidence and also performance

-How concerned are you about the line? What happens if high snaps are a problem again this week?

Power rankings

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