The Drive: July 20th, 5:25pm – Brett Ciancia replay

  • Replay of the Pick Six Previews interview from earlier

The Drive: July 20th, 2:25pm – Brett Ciancia (Pick Six Previews)

  • Nebraska thoughts
  • Big Ten thoughts – how strong or weak is Ohio State compared to normal Ohio State
  • The top is interesting this year – Is Oklahoma a real National Championship team?
  • Surprise?

The Drive: July 14th, 4:45pm – Heisman winners

  • Lets look back at who won the Heisman in different years and if they deserved it

The Drive: July 14th, 4:25pm – Brett Ciancia (Pick Six Previews)

  • Did he notice Colin Cowherd using his info?
  • What does he believe the season will look like with conference only play?

The Drive: June 23rd, 5pm – Brett Ciancia (Pick Six Previews)

  • The season preview is out, what do the numbers say about Nebraska?
  • Player development trend. Yikes.
  • CFP Predictions
  • Next new CFP team? (Besides Florida, who he has picked to go this year)
  • How did you go about previewing a season that is in doubt? How did you factor in the complications of the offseason?

The Drive: February 5th, 4pm

  • Pick Six Previews lays out what Nebraska did in recruiting this year and what they have to work with
  • Michael Bruntz (247Sports)
  • What’s in the Box (Raisin’ Cane’s)