The NBA Finals may have started last night but Jake has his eyes on something else

-And that would be the U.S. Senior Open in Omaha! LET’S GOOOOO!!! Today is final day of practice rounds, and tomorrow the action begins

-If you’ve never seen professional golf in person, it’s a must…and tickets are still available

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Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-We’re just shy of a full week into NIL being a part of the fabric of college athletics…what are your thoughts on the early-going so far?

-Do you recruit to a team anymore or just recruit to what players can get out of NIL?

-Thoughts on Phil Steele having only the QB group for Nebraska in the Top 60 in the country on the offensive side of the ball?

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247 Sports ranked the potential wins that would cause the most excitement from the fanbase…is it an obvious order or not?

-Brian Christopherson ranked the Oklahoma game No. 1, Ohio State No. 2, Wisconsin No. 3, Michigan No. 4, and Iowa No. 5. Anyone have a problem with that?

-Illinois was at No. 6…should any other game go ahead of that or is that obvious because it’s the first game of the season and against a conference opponent?

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MAILBAGGGG!!! Your questions, our answers

-As always, email your questions for Sip & Jake to or tweet them

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

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The NIL discussing continues from the first segment

-Pro-NIL callers weigh in following the first segment with rebuttals to some of the points made by Jake & Sip…what do these callers see as the benefits to the “Wild West” policy of Name, Image, and Likeness?

-Does the inherent inequity in the current structure fly in the face of the rallying cry of the pro-NIL camp?

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Jake & Sip continue to discuss the roll out of NIL

-Sip & Jake find the beginning of Name, Image, and Likeness to be an uncontrolled mess. What positive impact has the early adoption of this policy had on collegiate athletics? Or, has it all been negative?

-The Bucks and Suns started off the NBA Finals last night, and those 2 teams are never in that spot—it’s usually LeBron James vs. someone else…

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