DP & Stephens: Opening Segment/NFL Draft

Jake, Rico, and Nick joins DP and Tom for the first segment to talk about the NFL Draft.


DP & Stephens: Happy St. Patrick’s Day/NFL Talk

Jake and Rico stop by to talk and yell about their NFL teams.

We play and dance to Irish music

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 3

-How much of Nebraska/Illinois will you catch tonight?

-If you were a Patriots fan, which of these 3 would you want as your QB: Garoppolo, Newton, Mariota?

Betting odds have a certain QB favored to be the Patriots starter in 2021, and it’s not Cam Newton…

-It’s former Oregon star and Titans QB Marcus Mariota! He currently is the backup QB in Las Vegas. Jimmy Garoppolo and Cam Newton are also high on the list…Which one would you want?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

DP & Stephens: Dwayne Haskins to Pittsburgh!

Is Big Ben good? Is Haskins the Steelers solution? We debate whether or not Ben Roethlisberger is a good quarterback,

  • Is Big Ben better than Kirk Cousins? Justin Herbert? Phillip Rivers?

Rico wants Roethlisberger on the Patriots but Tom doesn’t want him on the Vikings.

DP & Stephens: Jake and Rico are here!

Jake is back from Mexico so it’s only right to have him and Rico in studio to yell about their teams.

Two Monday Night football games tonight for the 2nd time this year…what a beautiful sight

-Cam Newton tested positive for COVID on Saturday, and forced the Patriots/Chiefs game to move to Monday night, where it will air on CBS just ahead of the normal ESPN Monday Night game

-This is…a big loss for ESPN. Most eyes will want to see Patriots/Chiefs compared to Falcons/Packers, although they can still see the 2nd half of that game when the first one ends

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DP & Stephens: Barry Thompson

Barry Thompson joins Tom and DP to talk football, including Cam Newton to New England.

If you’re the New England Patriots this year, are you tanking for Trevor, or trying to prove you can win without Tom Brady?

-It’s going to be fascinating to see what Bill Belichick does; will his pride get in the way to try and get as many wins as possible with (possibly) Brian Hoyer at QB? Or will he give Tom Brady this first year of his 2 year contract and take the heat from critics, until he tanks enough to get Trevor Lawrence and rebuild the dynasty again? Lots to think about there

-Also, here’s your stat of the day: with Jameis Winston not returning to the Bucs, that now makes 24 QBs drafted in the history of the Bucs…and ZERO QBs signed to a second contract ever. Unreal.

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