Early Break: Poor Jake is sad… still… as always

  • Jake wish he could see someone other than the Pats win
  • Is Jake right?
    • How do we cheer this poor guy up?

Early Break: The Patriots win another super bowl

  • Jake dislikes football once again, when will the Patriots officially be done?
  • Do you respect the greatness of New England?
  • Yawnfest of a football game

Nebraska football listed as 15th most valuable program in Wall Street Journal article…how high can they go up that list and how soon?

  • More NFL talk
  • Nebraska is listed behind the likes of LSU, Wisconsin, and Tennessee among others.
  • what’s their ceiling on the list?
  • how soon can it be achieved?

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: February 5th, 2pm

  • So what do we do with Nick Foles now?
  • How, if you’re Carson Wentz, do you process this?
  • Man of the Weekend