The Drive: May 13th, 4:45pm – The Pac-12 has hired a new commissioner

  • DiCaprio Bootle has OFFICIALLY been signed to the Kansas City Chiefs
  • The Pac-12, going all in Vegas?

Bill Moos mentioned as a possible candidate for Pac-12 commissioner…would he fit the bill?

-The San Jose Mercury News reported that Moos is among a handful of potential candidates for the Pac-12 commissioner role, along with Oliver Luck and more

-Jake and Sip wonder if a commissioner is the best role for Moos or not, and also gauge the thoughts from listeners on his job at Nebraska so far

The College Football Playoff denied a request from the Pac-12 to make an 8-game playoff for just this year only…but should they have considered it more?

-Jake and Sip have been pretty adamant about not needing to expand the playoff much—they’ve discussed the possibility of 6 teams being possible, but not 8 in a NORMAL year

-Since this isn’t a normal year and teams are losing players and games left and right….is there any thought that maybe an 8-team playoff for this year only wouldn’t be the worst idea?

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Between Iowa and Wisconsin, which losing streak is the most important to snap for Nebraska in 2020?

-Nebraska has lost 5 straight games to Iowa, and 7 straight to Wisconsin. It’s not pretty, and it’s not fun. There have been some close games, and also some blowouts.

-If you could end one of those skids this year, which would you choose? Sip mentioned yesterday that the Wisconsin game might be the biggest game of the year, to avoid an 0-2 start, so that’s probably his answer. But which game do listeners think is more important to snap the losing skid to each in?

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The Drive: September 17th, 5:25pm – PAC 12 is all kinds of messed up

  • Bruce Feldman article…
  • PAC 12 commissioner is dumb
  • Big Ten schedule with the TV networks

The Drive: September 15th, 5:45pm – Wrap things up

  • USC football players have sent a letter to California’s governor asking him to work with them and let them play
  • MLB playoff plan
  • Ending the show

The Drive: September 3rd, 5pm – Is the Big Ten beginning to go down a path to admit it was wrong?

  • Not wrong to make the decision, but wrong to decide when they did
  • They came clean on the vote
  • Penn State doctor was wrong?!!?
  • Sir Yacht had another tweet…

The Drive: September 3rd, 5:25pm – Kevin Warren is NOT GETTING FIRED

  • No matter the outcome of the supposed vote, Warren will not be fired for doing exactly what the people who hired him wanted him to do
  • Tabb doesn’t like sir Yacht pretending to be a reporter

The Drive: September 3rd, 3:25pm – PAC 12 having a webinar discussing Fall Sports maybe

  • The PAC 12 hasn’t really said much after their initial statement on cancelling the season
  • PAC 12 is tied to the B1G?
  • NBA Playoffs, refs are bad

DP & Stephens: Should the Huskers Play?

Tom and DP discuss if the Huskers and other schools around the country should play football this fall.

The Drive: August 3rd, 5:25pm – PAC 12 discussion cont.

  • Finishing off the list of demands

The Drive: August 3rd, 5pm – A group of PAC 12 players are threatening to boycott the season if some demands aren’t met

  • Certainly a bold move by those guys
  • Let’s go through the list and see what is even feasible