The Drive: August 3rd, 3pm – If there’s one thing I can appreciate about UT and OU going to the SEC, it’s Texas getting roasted mecilessly

  • There was a meeting last night
  • A meeting to roast Texas
  • Omar Manning??? Side Eye Emoji

DP & Stephens: Spring Game Reaction

Huskers had their spring game on Saturday.

  • Gabe Ervin is a dude.
  • Adrian Martinez
  • Omar Manning had a few grabs.

We end today’s show telling you about the dumbest injury of the week in sports

-Oakland A’s pitcher Jesus Luzardo broke the pinkie finger of his pitching hand on Saturday before his start…when he thumped it too hard on the table while playing video games

-It’s a hairline fracture for Luzardo, and he’ll be out for some time. What an idiot!

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Husker baseball’s return to the rankings results in a big thud, getting swept by Rutgers at home / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-OUCH! Nebraska fans were thrilled to be back in the rankings and have a home series with 6,000+ fans able to attend each game…and they lost them all. The bullpen hurt Nebraska on both Friday and Saturday, but the bats were quiet on Sunday with only 2 hits in a 6-0 loss

-Jake was at the game on Sunday, and although the game didn’t go well, he was thrilled to be at a game with so many fans…he just missed having vendors coming up and down the aisles! Very quiet!

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So…does Nebraska have reliable QB options for the Fall or are you concerned after the Spring Game?

-There were lots of storylines to follow but this was the biggest one for most. Adrian Martinez ran the ball a lot in the first half, which is something we knew he could do…and he was OK in the passing game

-What about the backups? It was a very windy day so it’s hard to be too critical. But the stats weren’t great. O-line didn’t give a ton of time for QBs and the defense is strong (and apparently pretty deep, too)…but where do we stand on QBs now?

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Nebraska isn’t blanked in the NFL Draft, as Brenden Jaimes and Matt Farniok hear their names called

-Jaimes went in the 5th round to the Chargers, and Farniok in the 7th to the Cowboys. 3 other players so far have signed with teams as undrafted free agents…also did Jake like his Dolphins’ draft or not?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

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Did we come away with more optimism about Nebraska’s running backs after the Spring Game?

-Several RBs had impressive runs and games, including Marvin Scott, Sevion Morrison, Gabe Ervin, Jaquez Yant, and others

-So…is there actual depth there or are we going tell ourselves in the Fall that they still don’t have a good RB? Hard to think that after Saturday.

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The Spring Game delivered fans in the stands, wonderfully warm weather, and some things to chew on through the summer months

-Let’s start with the great thing: just shy of 40,000 red-clad fans in the stands on a nice, warm day…and a packed and buzzing Haymarket/Railyard before and after the game, too. The things we took for granted in the past should now be appreciated more.

-Now, for the game itself: not always easy to grade performances in the first half with ‘thudding’ instead of tackling…but we do know that Omar Manning got open deep and dropped a nice pass. Not a lot of explosive passing plays on the day despite that one, which was incomplete

-Also…we wanted to see if special teams would have improved, and didn’t really see special teams.

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Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 3

-NFL Draft is next week…what’s your favorite storyline to track so far in the days leading up to it?

-Creighton lost all 5 starters from this year’s Sweet 16 team…should Nebrasketball expect to beat them?

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Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 2 / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Schaefer is known to dish out trash talk and also embrace it…did he have any issue with Texas’ official Twitter account throwing some shade at Lexi Sun and Nebraska volleyball?

-Do you believe that this Husker baseball team has a chance to do damage in the NCAA Tournament or is it too early to know?

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Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 1

-It’s been a few days now, but what were your biggest impressions from last Saturday’s open practice session?

-What is Nebraska’s ceiling this year as a defense if they don’t have a great pass rusher?

-Is Chris Kolaravec someone you expect to start this year or what’s his role on the defense?

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Rick Hamann’s (of Sartor Hamann Jewelers) Song of the Day

-What’s next on Rick’s favorite albums of all time? And will Sip get his questions right?

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