The Recruiting Hour: February 22nd – Closing Segment

  • Warren Academy is GREAT
  • Two big time players in the Omaha Metro don’t include Nebraska in their Top 5’s

The Recruiting Hour: February 22nd – Steve Warren (Warren Academy)

  • Steve Warren joins the show to talk about the players who have come through the Warren Academy

High School Saturday: February 20th

  • The Cold is bad, and also not as bad
  • Ricos Roll Call
  • Joe Davis calls in and lets us know how State Wrestling is going for Norris
  • Ricos Roll Call cont.
  • State Wrestling updates
  • Schedule!

The Drive: February 19th, 3:25pm – DeShawn Woods and Devon Jackson’s top fives are coming

  • Nebraska’s chances don’t seem great
  • Recruiting in Omaha is a different animal now, you have to treat it that way

High School Saturday: February 6th

  • DP got his first live look at Nebraska High School Basketball and got to do some play-by-play, what are his thoughts?
  • Ricos Roll Call
  • DP breaks down Nick and Ricos athletic abilities
  • Nicks Scoreboard
  • Schedule for today

DP & Stephens: Naked Man

DP and Tom talk about an uncomfortable situation between neighbors.

The Recruiting Hour: August 31st – Gary Sharp (1620 Radio Host)

  • Lets find out the Omaha perspective of this football season

The Drive: May 6th, 5pm

  • Is the NCAA’s lack of unity right now helping them or hurting them?
  • Tabbs big vocabulary
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: June 27th, 3pm

  • Pretty close to what I wanted out of any CWS
  • Pat Forde says Nebraska is a conference realignment LOSER!
  • Chris Heady (Omaha world Herald)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

CWS Game 2 recap….is there a B1G champion, or did Vandy force a winner-take-all Game 3?

The Drive: June 25th, 4pm

  • SB Nation article on why the Big Ten West will be interesting…is interesting
  • Dave Revsine asked Twitter – what is the CFB equivalent of Michigan winning the baseball National Championship?
  • Fake News Tweet of the Day: The real reason Kawhi left the Spurs

The Drive: June 14th, 3pm

  • MLB in Omaha last night was so cool, with a couple hitches
  • You want to know how player driven the NBA is? The main storyline form last night is about Klay Thompson
  • Will Bolt has been hired?
  • What’s Poppin (brought to you by Barney Insurance)