The Drive: October 5th, 2pm – So, who gets the Oklahoma spot now that they are officially #dead

  • The impact of Oklahoma’s loss will be felt around College Football. Other teams who may have been on the outside looking in have real hope now
  • There is a spot available, looking at you Penn State, Wisconsin, Oregon, USC, Florida, Georgia, G5
  • Is the Big 12 out?

Lincoln Riley says Oklahoma won’t be releasing COVID numbers anymore as part of ‘competitive advantage’…is there anything wrong with that or should it be open for all to know?

-This is similar to the difference in Mike Riley and Scott Frost in terms of handling injuries. Mike Riley made it known to ALL who was injured in the days before games, and Frost is the exact opposite

-Should it be different, though, in regards to COVID numbers? The news from Lincoln Riley yesterday was greeted with opposition, in a year where things are all about COVID and if playing is a smart option for college football. Should teams be required to be completely transparent in COVID numbers or is this OK?

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The Drive: September 1st, 4:25pm – Tyler McComas (Sports Talk 1400, Norman, OK)

  • Whats going on at Oklahoma?
  • The OKC Thunder are having a great playoffs…what will be the outlook of Chris Paul?

The Drive: June 3rd, 5pm

  • Random CFB Topic: I would hate to be Oklahoma
  • This Day in Sports history
  • Wrap things up

Berry Tramel (The Oklahoman) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Oklahoma saw first-hand the dominance of Joe Burrow and LSU in the College Football Playoff…is LSU the team to beat in the championship or should that still be considered Clemson?

-Where are Oklahoma fans at right now with their program, having playoff bids but not performing well once they get there?

-Can LSU sustain this type of success with Ed Orgeron but without Joe Burrow in coming years?

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