Myles Farmer becomes 4th Husker this offseason cited for marijuana possession…another slap on the wrist, or something of concern going forward?

-Farmer joins Maurice Washington, Wan’Dale Robinson, and Jeremiah Stovall as Huskers cited for marijuana possession this offseason…..probably not a lot of discipline coming, but what can be done?

What’s more exciting in pro sports: the regular season or the offseason?

-What the hell are you talking about, Jake? Don’t we always complain about Nebraska fans pumping up how good the offseasons are for football? Sure, but free agency and trades are so fun to watch in the pro sports leagues…what gets you more excited/interested?


Early Break: NFL talk and the moves around the league

  • The Cleveland Browns want to finally be good
  • Other teams make splashes in free agency
  • Massive trades in the NFL