The Drive: October 21st, 3pm – Odell Beckham Jr news

  • LSU self imposed bans including banning OBJ from the program for 2 years
  • Odell is built different when it comes to COVID
  • World Series Game 1 recap

Mike Dawson officially returns to Nebraska to replace Jovann Dewitt…good hire or underwhelming?

-The Houston Astros have been mired with scandal over the last few months. What does the scandal reflect on the sport as a whole, and how big of a deal is sign stealing compared to using steroids?

– Odell Beckham Jr. has thrust himself into the headlines after LSU’s national championship victory on Monday. Are his antics excusable in any way?

-It’s been the worst kept secret since Dewitt moved on to North Carolina, as the former defensive line coach officially was announced as Nebraska’s new outside linebackers coach on Thursday. No news yet on special teams coach, but Travis Fisher and Ryan Held’s raises were made official, as well as new titles for Greg Austin (run game coordinator) and Held (recruiting coordinator). What about about Sean Snyder?

-Were you hoping for a new name or are you OK with familiarity with Dawson? It’s kind of continuity, as he came to Nebraska from UCF, but left after one year to go to the New York Giants.

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The Drive: January 15th, 5pm

  • Is the playoff working?
  • Should we go back to the way things were…or expand?
  • OBJ MoneyGate
  • Wrap things up