DP & Stephens: Recap of the Weekend

Happy Monday!

  • We recap the weekend — Class A & B Title Games were phenomenal.
  • Hunter Sallis vs Chucky Hepburn
  • Shot clock in high school basketball?
  • Chucky Hepburn in a Wisconsin uniform is a scary, scary sight.

High School Saturday: November 14th

  • NSAA Ruling on State Championship football games
  • High School Headlines
  • Joe Davis (Ambition Electric, Class B report)
  • Ricos Roll Call
  • Jackie O’s Scoreboard Show
  • State Championship game schedule and predictions

Did the NSAA make the right decision to play the boys state basketball tournament?

-The games all went on as planned, despite it looking at times that it might get shut down at any moment. The tournament provided excellent drama, especially in Class A, with great semifinal games and an excellent championship, with Bellevue West ending the game on a 16-0 run to take down Millard North….but with everything the way it is in the country, should this event have actually continued?

-Speaking of the Millard North/Bellevue West game….wow. What an inexcusable loss for a team as talented as Millard North, and with that big of a lead.


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The Drive: March 11th, 3pm

  • The NSAA has announced that the Boys high School Basketball State Tournament will be played in front of almost empty arenas
  • The NCAA has decided to keep fans away form the games
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)