The Drive: June 19th, 5:25pm – Non-Conference Schedule Talk

  • More talk about the Nebraska Football Non-Con schedule and who we would like to see
  • B1G preseason awards/votes
  • Steve Sipple of the Lincoln Journal Star joins for a small segment

The Drive: June 19th, 5pm – This Day in Sports History

  • 1986 – University of Maryland basketball star Len Bias died from a cocaine-induced seizure
  • 1943 – NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers merge (dissolves on Dec. 5th)
  • 1974 – KC Royal Steve Busby throws 2nd no-hitter, beating the Milwaukee Brewers 2-0
  • 2000 – 54th NBA Finals, LA Lakers beat Indiana Pacers 4-2, Shaquille O’Neal wins FMVP
  • 2016 – NBA FInals, Cleveland Cavaliers beat defending champion Golden State Warriors 93-89 in Game 7 becoming the first team to come back from a 3-1 deficit
  • Non-Con schedule, who do you want to see added?