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-Clemson (-10’) vs. Notre Dame

-Alabama (-17) vs. Florida

-Ohio St (-20’) vs. Northwestern

-Nebraska (-6’) vs. Rutgers

-Chiefs (-3) vs. Saints

-Browns (-4) vs. Giants

What is the state of the Nebraska football program as we close out Year 3 of the Scott Frost era?

-Nebraska will either be 3-5 on the season after today, or 2-6….which equates to 12-20 or 11-21 under Scott Frost in his 3 years at Nebraska

-This year’s recruiting class was solid once again, getting to No. 18 in Rivals’ rankings, and with a lot of players from the 500-mile radius. Do we believe in the talent that has been brought to Lincoln? What are our thoughts on the coaching staff’s abilities?

Derek Bombeck (Lincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau)

-Holiday Lights Bike Ride, Holiday Goat Yoga, Zoo Lights, and more

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Is the College Football Playoff already set or can drama this weekend change things up?

-Right now, the top 4 is: Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson, and Ohio State. Clemson has 1-loss, but they are a favorite over Notre Dame, mainly because Trevor Lawrence is back this time…who gets in if Clemson loses again, though?

-If Ohio State loses to Northwestern and Clemson loses to Notre Dame…who ends up in the playoff?

Today is (possibly) Nebraska’s last football game of the season…what’s your level of optimism and interest for the game?

-Rutgers enters today’s game with more B1G wins on the season in Greg Schiano’s first year back with the program that Nebraska, which is utterly astounding, but a truth

-The concept of everyone playing on conference championship weekend is unique and welcomed in this strange year, but Nebraska plays on the day before, because they are at the bottom of the standings

-Are people jacked to watch football today and tonight? Or nervous of a loss to Rutgers?

We can dream a little bit…should Nebraska give Logan Smothers a chance to play on Friday?

-It’s a game you can’t afford to lose, sure… But if you do lose, it’s just another loss in a lost season. We know what you have in Adrian Martinez and Luke McCaffrey at QB… Why not let Smothers get a shot?

-Frost spoke highly of Smothers on Monday, and since this year doesn’t count at all for eligibility, is there a huge risk in playing him? What if he throws well? Interesting conversation for next year. Martinez and McCaffrey do not do much to excite the Fanbase in what is essentially your bowl game.

Jakes NFL Week 14 Winners and Losers

-Where does the red hot Washington football team check in at? And who was the biggest loser?

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Rick Kaczenski (Former Nebraska/Iowa DL Coach)

-Nebraska had a chance to end the season on a strong note, but lost a lowly Minnesota. Why is it so hard for this program?

-Nebraska’s offense continues to struggle… Can its issues be fixed in one off-season? Is a QB change imminent? Or at least coaching in some element?

-what happens if Nebraska loses to Rutgers on Friday?

Nebraska needs to beat Rutgers for a variety of reasons on Friday… But will they?

-Rutgers’ basketball team is a top 25 team, and will (likely) beat Nebraska when they play them in late February, unless the huskers finish strong and Rutgers finishes poorly

-Rutgers is the same team we all make fun of in the Big Ten. If they beat you in both football and basketball in the same year… Is Nebraska then the new Rutgers? Dear God. What is happening?

-Frost/players audio from Monday…

A less than intriguing game this year just got a lot spicier: Noah Vedral transfers to Rutgers

-Vedral will have two years to play at Rutgers as a graduate transfer—the same thing Joe Burrow did when going to LSU—and will obviously be able to play right away. He’s viewed as not the sure-fire QB there, but the likely QB to ultimately be the starter for the Scarlet Knights

-What kind of success can Vedral have? Do you expect him to work out well with Greg Schiano and company? More nervous of that game this season in Piscataway?

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