The Drive: May 18, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

The Drive: April 23rd, 3:25pm – Nicole Griffith (10/11 News)

  • A bunch of people named Josh are going to “fight” tomorrow in Lincoln
  • Our local Josh expert gives us the run down

Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter) – Full Hour

-Excited for Gonzaga/Baylor tonight? Thoughts on the ending to Gonzaga/UCLA…

-MLB started as usual, college baseball is in season, the NCAA Tournament went on as scheduled…are we starting to feel normal again?

-Excited for Spring Football at all or….not?

-Husker baseball continues to play well…isn’t it nice to have a Nebraska men’s program performing at a high level?

-Are you concerned that Sip believes he can talk to football gods?

-Husker baseball continues to play well…isn’t it nice to have a Nebraska men’s program performing at a high level?

-Are you concerned that Sip believes he can talk to football gods?

It is officially one of the best sports weeks of the calendar year with The Masters starting on Thursday..

-Jordan Spieth is playing well as he tries to get another major championship under his belt, and The Masters gets back to its normal calendar spot, albeit with limited fan attendance…but still!

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

Sip can apparently talk to the football gods now…how did this conversation come to be?

-Sip wrote of a conversation he had with a spokesman for the football gods…whatever that means…

-Also, Husker baseball wins another series..despite some shaky pitching

An epic ending in the Final Four sets up tonight’s national championship of Gonzaga vs. Baylor

-What a game it was between Gonzaga and UCLA! Jalen Suggs’ three-pointer at the buzzer in OT sent Gonzaga to the championship game against Baylor, who had no issues with Houston on Saturday

-This is what we all wanted, right? The UCLA story was great, and they certainly looked like they belonged on the same court as Gonzaga, pushing the Zags more than anyone else had the whole season

-What to expect tonight?

The Drive: March 22nd, 3:45pm – What’s Poppin’

Nicole Griffith from 10/11 stops by, and Nick chimes in from the studio.

Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter) – Full Hour

-Nicole talked to random bypassers in the Haymarket on Friday to get their thoughts on the rumors that Nebraska was trying to get out of the Oklahoma game…what did she hear from people?

-How do YOU feel about the idea of Nebraska trying to replace this game with an easier game?

-How will people view Scott Frost and Bill Moos going forward with this hanging over their head?

-The brackets are out for March Madness…for the first time in 2 years. Are you feeling excited as you thought you might without it happening last year?

-Nebrasketball’s season is over with another disappointing record…are you a believer in a year 3 turnaround?

-Husker baseball looks pretty good so far through 2 weekends series…too early to get excited?

-Nicole covered high school boys basketball this weekend…how was her experience?

Class A Semifinal: Creighton Prep vs. Bellevue West

Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter) – Full Hour

-Nicole went to USD…is the hatred for North Dakota State in FCS as strong as it is for Alabama in FBS football? What do schools think about them? They lost on Saturday!

-High School State Basketball gets going this week…how wild does this week get for a sports reporter covering it?

-How was it covering high school state wrestling last week with actual fans in attendance for it?

-Nebrasketball won another conference game to get to two conference wins this season. How will you remember this year? How do we remember Thor and his time here?

-Nebraska volleyball continues to carry the university’s sports…

-Spring Training is underway for MLB…what’s your excitement level this year for baseball after being without it for so long last summer?

Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter) – Full Hour

-Time for some positivity: Nebrasketball looked good on Friday! If they didn’t have the worst offensive possession in the history of mankind to end the 2nd half, they may have actually won. But, OT against Illinois was exciting and brought hope

-Nebraska volleyball continues to win, and it feels like we take them for granted. Why do we do that?

-Nicole covered a big milestone on Friday night in girls high school hoops…what was the milestone?

-Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke, Michigan State, and other typical college basketball powerhouses all aren’t good this year. Do you like when sports aren’t predictable with the typical favorites?

-Even as a Bears fan, don’t you feel good that you’re not a Texans fan right now? What a mess.

-What shows is Nicole watching now to make up for no more football….and what does she recommend?

-Nicole’s alma mater (South Dakota) is playing spring football, will she watch any of that?

Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter) – Full Hour

-Super Bowl reaction….did Mahomes get the best of Brady or was it another title for TB12? Thoughts on the game atmosphere…

-Is covering a Super Bowl on Nicole’s bucket list as a reporter or not? What is on that bucket list?

-What is Nicole’s favorite sporting event that she has ever covered?

-The Nebraska game in Ireland is technically still on the schedule, but it seems unlikely to happen. How much would Nicole beg Kevin Sjuts to have a chance to cover that game on the road? Would they send 2 reporters or not?

-Nebrasketball returned (finally) to play Michigan State on Saturday night in East Lansing…thoughts on their performance and what to expect going forward?

-Will we ever see the grass again or will be covered in snow for the rest of our lives?

-What should we be watching on Netflix for the next week to stay out of the below zero temps?