Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Is this game a must-win for Nebraska to have any hopes of winning the West?

-Is there any chance that this weekend’s game against Northwestern DOESN’T come down to the wire?

-How do you see the West race going the rest of the season?

Is Nebraska the Nickelback of college football?

-Wow…what a question. Another Nebraska-bashing article came out yesterday, courtesy of CBS Sports’ Tom Fornelli, that put Nebraska at No. 2 in the Bottom 25 in college football, just behind UMass

-Someone on Twitter sent Jake a tweet that said that Nebraska is the Nickelback of college football—meaning they are popular to make fun of but people still secretly care about them and like them. Is that how you’d assess Nebraska? Anyone else fit that description better? Or what band would you describe Nebraska as?

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Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-Can Nebraska still win the West if they lose to Northwestern this week? Is this an absolute must-win?

-How will the winner of the West be determined with some times playing less games than others?

-Is there a chance that Indiana is the second best team in the Big Ten?

Wisconsin has a second straight game canceled, and now the Big Ten West division gets that more interesting

-Wisconsin announced on Tuesday they now have 27 active COVID cases, and that their game against Purdue this weekend would be canceled, making it 2 straight weeks the Badgers don’t play

-This makes everything forward very interesting in the B1G. Will Illinois have a further spike in cases from playing Wisconsin? Will Purdue have any cases from the Illinois game? And winning the division becomes difficult to determine what you have to do to earn that honor…