DP & Stephens: Nick and Big Sky join the show!

Nick and Big Sky join the show to talk about what’s on their minds!

The Drive: March 24th; 4:45pm – What’s in the Box

It’s Nick movie Wednesday.

DP & Stephens: Nick and Big Sky are here!

Nick and Big sky come in and give their thoughts on everything going on with the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament and Big Sky continues his take on why we should cheer for Creighton!

DP & Stephens: Nick’s Sixty/Rico’s Roll Call

Nick and Rico stop by!

We talk about Husker QB’s. Nobody can put Nick in a bad mood this week because baseball is back. Rico has a roll call!

DP & Stephens: Nick’s Sixty/Food Takes/Complaint Box

Nick stops by to talk about his new minor league baseball gear.

Happer doesn’t want food everyday because it makes it less special.

Someone ate Nick’s donut yesterday so he filed an official complaint.

DP & Stephens: Nick’s Sixty/Rico’s Roll Call

It’s Nick’s 20th Birthday and he comes in to talk about baseball.

Rico joins the guys to discuss the athletes that stood out this past weekend.

DP & Stephens: Husker Athletics

It’s Nick’s Birthday!

Husker Basketball lost to Purdue on Sunday.

  • What is our reaction?
  • We play some Fred Hoiberg sound bites from the post game press conference.

DP & Stephens: Jay Foreman is here

Husker Hall of Famer Jay Foreman joins us in studio.

  • We make fun of Nick’s Jersey some more.
  • We talk about Nick’s Dating Life.
  • Jay answers the question on if everyone in college is a role player.

DP & Stephens: Blog Jog

Rico is in studio for Tuesday’s edition of the Blog Jog.

DP & Stephens: Jersey Talk/Nick’s Sixty

Nick joins for the opening segment.

  • Nick is wearing a “low quality” jersey according to DP and Rico.
  • What jersey is the one and only jersey
  • Nick’s sixty – role players and culture

DP & Stephens: Nick’s Tips

We ask Nick about his dating life, or lack thereof.

We bring up Kansas State football games.

DP & Stephens: Nicks Dating life

The old heads question Nick about his New Years date, or lack thereof