The Recruiting Hour: January 25th – No Guest

  • Happers neighbors are very nice and he doesn’t know how to repay them
  • NFL Playoffs/Conference Championship games

The Recruiting Hour: January 22nd – Mike’l Severe (1620 The Zone Co-Host)

  • NFL Playoffs
  • Nebraska Football, Frost giving up some play calling duties and the loss of Wan’Dale

The Drive: January 21st, 3:25pm – Dan Campbell, the new Detroit Lions coach is WILD

  • Dan Campbell wants his team to eat peoples kneecaps?
  • Why is nobody hiring Eric Bieniemy??
  • NFL Playoffs talk
  • Phillip Rivers, was he ever Top 5 in a season ever?

The Drive: January 19th, 5:25pm – Will Nebraska ever have a player the caliber of Ndamukong Suh and Lavonte David again?

  • This goes along with the last question kind of
  • Can you see them having a Top 10 drafted player again?

The Drive: January 19th, 4:45pm – There will be no NFL Combine this year in Indianapolis for the first time since 1987 because of COVID

  • How many die-hard combine fans are out there?
  • Jake’s brother-in-law used to watch tons of combine tape in the past, and lots of football junkies crave the combine

The Drive: January 19th, 3pm – The Opening Drive

  • Some people consider NFL Conference Championship Sunday as the best football weekend of the year
  • Which QB has the higher ceiling: Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes?

The Drive: January 18th, 4:25pm – NFL roundtable including where should Deshaun Watson go?

  • Bills vs Chiefs in the AFC Championship and Bucs/Packers in NFC…who do you want to see win and who WILL win? ALso, first time Aaron Rodgers has hosted an NFC Championship game at Lambeau
  • Where should Deshaun Watson go?

The Recruiting Hour: January 18th – Texts and Calls

  • NFL Playoffs
  • Wrap up the show

The Drive: January 15th, 3:25pm – NFL Divisional Round coming up – and it should be a ton of fun

  • Ravens go to Buffalo
  • Browns coming off a big win against Pittsburgh travel to Arrowhead to meet Mahomes and Co.
  • The Rams and that great defense are off to the frozen tundra to play the (possible) MVP Aaron Rodgers and the Packers
  • The History Channel presents Brees vs Brady

The Drive: January 14th, 5:45pm – Urban Meyer is HIRED in Jacksonville

  • Will it work?
  • Sad Pizza
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: January 14th, 3:25pm – Urban Meyer is POSSIBLY headed to Jacksonville

  • You certainly have my attention
  • Can Urban win with a major talent gap?

The Drive: January 12th, 4:45pm – Deshaun Watson is great

  • Talking about what teams would be better with Deshaun Watson