DP & Stephens: Brian Mitchell (Former NFL Player)

Former Washington football player and one of the best returners of all-time, Brian Mitchell, joins the show.


The Drive: April 5th, 3pm – Sautter Sits in to discuss some breaking news

  • Sam Darnold traded from the New York Jets to the Carolina Panthers
  • Tim Miles taking over the San Jose State job

The Drive: April 2nd, 4:25pm – How do you define “NFL Ready”

  • We tried calling Happer, he’s having fun
  • Nebraska as an SEC team is….
  • Justin Fields is being considered not as “NFL Ready” as Mac Jones…why?

The Drive: April 1st, 3:25pm – NFL Draft and the QB situations

  • Mac Jones vs Justin Fields pro day comparison
  • Why would the 9ers take Mac?!?
  • Why are Fields and Lance falling so far??

The Drive: March 30th, 3pm – NCAA Womens Final Four

  • Baylors Head Coach Kim Mulkey went absolutely bonkers
  • People don’t like Geno Auriemma?
  • Spring Ball is here!
  • 17 game season in the NFL

DP & Stephens: NFL Trade!

The Dolphins just made a move…Jake comes in and gives his thoughts.

DP & Stephens: Deshaun Watson/John Cook

Things aren’t looking too great for the franchise quarterback as there are now 14 lawsuits against him.

John Cook is heated about the NCAA Tournament.

DP & Stephens: Happy St. Patrick’s Day/NFL Talk

Jake and Rico stop by to talk and yell about their NFL teams.

We play and dance to Irish music

The Drive: March 16th, 4pm – The Chicago Bears have gotten their QB

  • It’s Andy Dalton…they got Andy Dalton
  • Why does a Utah State player wear number 44?

The Drive: March 4th, 5:25pm – How many NFL QB jobs are up in the air right now

  • Big Ben is coming back
  • There is more demand than supply when it comes to Quarterbacks in the NFL

The Drive: March 3rd, 5:45pm – NFL Draft talk

  • Happer doesn’t like this time of year
  • WILD changes at the top of the best QB prospect board

The NFL is so weird right now that apparently Russell Wilson might be traded

-Wilson’s camp reportedly approached the Seahawks about a trade yesterday, and he would certainly be a name of high interest.

-We already saw Carson Wentz traded, and there’s lots of rumors about Deshaun Watson, Sam Darnold, Jimmy G, and more. Why would you ever want to trade Russell Wilson?