The Recruiting Hour: August 3rd – Opening Splash

  • Almost COVID times talk
  • BLT talk
  • Mountain Dew talk
  • Trey Lance will be the starter to the 49ers?

The Drive: August 2nd, 4:25pm – Carson Wentz has played for the Colts for 10 seconds and is already out for awhile

  • What does 5-12 weeks mean??
  • He was supposed to be so good
  • Louis Riddick tweeted about Justin Fields

The Recruiting Hour: July 29th – Closing Segment

  • NFL Training camps have started, excited for the season?

The Drive: July 26th, 5:30pm – Kanye West living in an arena

  • Kanye is just living inside the Atlanta Hawks arena to finish his album
  • Aaron Rodgers is just going to play for the Packers this year? Cool…

DP & Stephens: Opening Segment

  • Carl Nassib has come out as the first active openly gay NFL Player.
  • Max Andersen of Husker Baseball gets another honor

The Drive: June 18th, 4pm – Happer wants to find an NFL team

  • Connor and Ravi get steak and burgers, so let’s listen to Rico stall so they can enjoy them
  • The Bears seem like the team Happer will gravitate to but let’s go through the league

The Drive: June 17th, 5pm – Chicagos mayor pulls no punches when talking about the Bears

  • Leaving the cameras on during a commercial break?
  • The Bears might get a new stadium?
  • Their lease with Soldier Field goes for AWHILE longer

DP & Stephens: More CMC discussion

Let’s keep diving into the drama of CMC commenting on Scott Frost.

The Drive: June 2nd, 4:45pm – Panthers Videos

  • Carolina Panthers are putting out behind the scenes videos of the front office

The Drive: May 25th, 4:25pm – Aaron Rodgers is just going to cryptic quote this off season away

  • He definitely feels some type of way, as he was on with Kenny Mayne last night
  • Also, Kenny Mayne with maybe the walk-off of the century
  • Side note, what is ESPN doing?

The Drive: May 24th, 4:45pm – Shannon Sharpe really just accelerated the Julio Jones trade rumors situation

  • Shannon called Julio live on his show “Undisputed” and Julio was honest with his answers
  • What is going on!?

The Drive: May 24th, 4:25pm – Hawaii Aaron Rodgers seems like a good hang

  • Giving away Saltdogs tickets to open the segment
  • Rodgers is in Hawaii with his fiancee and a man bun