The Drive: August 20th, 2pm

  • Guys, listen to Scott Frost
  • Baker Mayfield is all of us
  • Doug Lesmerises (
  • How about some NUGGETS

Cyza & Stephens: August 12th, 1pm

  • Nebraska’s recruiting ranking is 62nd according to 247Sports
  • Michael Bruntz: Huskers247
  • NFL inks a deal with Sports

The Drive: August 9th, 4pm

  • Has Bock adjusted to the Big Ten West being halfway a decent division?
  • RIP the GOAT marathon runner, Rosie Ruiz
  • Do you think getting engaged at the Jags preseason game is a good call?
  • What’s in the Box (Raisin’ Canes)

Cyza & Stephens: August 8th, 1pm

  • NFL Waterboys make about $53,000 a year
  • True/False
  • Dabo doesn’t buy the SEC grind “wore out” Alabama
  • Yanks/White Sox to play on the Field of Dreams

The Drive: August 6th, 3pm

  • Let’s here from Erik Chinander from yesterday a bit
  • Ezekiel Elliott is apparently not going to play unless he gets a new contract, I suppose
  • Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

7:45 – Did Broncos’ coach Vic Fangio just prove yesterday that he’s the toughest SOB in the game?

-Usually, that description would be saved for a linebacker or hard-hitting safety, or maybe a stud defensive lineman. However, the 60-year-old first-time head coach passed a kidney stone yesterday and within an HOUR was out of the hospital and at Canton’s stadium to coach in the NFL Hall of Fame game. Have you ever heard of a more bad-ass story than that? Kudos, coach. Wow.


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7:45 – Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 3

-Reaction to another rough loss for Sip on ‘Shut Up Sipple,’ including the poor use of a lifeline

-Astros get Zach Greinke and now have the top 3 AL pitchers in WHIP on the year…should we even play out the rest of the season or just give them the title? What does Schaefer, the Indians fan, think?

-2 minute drill: Will any of the guys watch tonight’s first preseason NFL game of the season?


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7:45 – Breaking news in the NFL regarding a highly-paid WR….who are the top QB/WR tandems in the NFL?

-Jake breaks the news from Twitter that the Saints’ Michael Thomas becomes the highest-paid WR in the league, on a 5-year extension worth $100million, with $61 million guaranteed

-This makes Jake and Sip question who are the best WR/QB tandems currently in the league

-Also, do people eat anything besides breakfast food at Village Inn?


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7:45 – The Dolphins are back to being the Dolphins….only a week into camp, the offensive line coach gets fired

-It’s a new staff!!!! How in the hell does a coach get fired one week into camp?! Brian Flores fired Pat Flaherty yesterday, just a week into camp beginning….last year, there was an embarrassment about the offensive line coach snorting cocaine that got him fired…this year, there appears to be no embarrassment like that, but maybe a performance issue. How bad can it get in Miami?

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Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 3

-The Browns over/under on wins is 9 currently, which would essentially get them into the playoffs if they hit the over; keep in mind, this franchise has gone 11 straight seasons of below .500 football.

-The Clippers, however, have always been in the shadow of the Lakers in L.A., and for a looooooong time were one of the worst franchises in the league….who do you want to break out more this year?

ESPN does ranking of ‘Position U’ from 1998 through last season, and Nebraska ranks in the top 10 in ZERO categories…which positions under Scott Frost have the best chance of making the next list?

-ESPN went through 8 positions: QB, RB, TE, WR, OL, DL, LB, and DBs, and listed the top 10 schools of the 20 year stretch, and Wisconsin showed up high in some categories, as well as Iowa and other B1G schools—but nothing for Nebraska. Not exactly a huge surprise considering how the last 20 years went…

-Under Scott Frost, it’s easy to believe that QB could be a position that makes the climb in the next 20 years…but is there any other spot you believe Nebraska can get back to being a factory at again?

Cyza & Stephens: July 19th, 12pm

  • Should the conference realign, and would you be open to it?
  • Bill Moos on the 6-win goal
  • Zach Duval, most important member aside from Frost?
  • This Tyreek Hill not receiving any punishment slightly bothers me
  • Wing Man